Saturday, January 12, 2008

behind the desk

I work for a company that offers technical support for telecommunications and internet. I am one of the many that answer people's question on the phone. I share my office with another woman, a bit younger than me. Our desks are one opposite the other so I have view of her for more than 8hours per day. She has a nice body, she wears clothes that accentuate her appearance, with wide decolletes and short skirts. I loved watching her movements while she talked on the phone or worked on the computer. Her legswere partly visible because of the desk's design, but it was enough. Sometimes I could even see the color of her panties.

And then one day - oh my - I saw her hand going in between her legs. She seemed to touch herself above the fabric of her panties. I tried not to show that I was watching. I think she was sure I wasn't aware of what she was doing. She made some movements as if she rubbed her 'thing, but then she stopped. That night I masturbated with that thought, with the image of her touching herself behind the desk, thinking that I wasn't watching.

The next day, every time she made a move, I thought she was about to touch herself again. I wanted so badly to see her doing this... But she didn't .It wasn't until the following week, that I caught her touching herself in between her legs again. This time her hand stayed there a little longer. I had a hard time pretending I wasn't watching, but I'm sure she believed I was unaware. I was so disappointed when she stopped... I wondered if she would do more if she was alone in the room...
The next day, when I realized she was touching herself again, I decided I'd leave her alone with the pretence of going to the ladies room. As soon as I closed the door of the bathroom, which was right by my desk - so it had view of my co-worker's office - I kneeled and watched her from the keyhole. I was right! I could see her hand moving inside her panties now as she fully opened her legs. After a while she actually used her other hand to push her panties aside so she could make bigger movements, and her pussy became visible. And was that a sweet pussy! Cleanly shaven and pink, I just wanted to eat it! I realized I had got wet and really needed to release this tension that built up in me from watching my co-worker masturbate, so I masturbated then and there, myself, and managed to come just as I watched her body forming a curve, her hand moving in fast movements, which meant that she was reaching her own orgasm.

When I got ready to go outside and made sure she was ready, too, I entered the room and we continued our work as if nothing had happened, as she couldn't even imagine I had watched her masturbate. After that incident I thought of another 'game'; I started wearing short skirts, and I begun touching myself behind my desk, too. I knew she could see what I was doing if she wanted to. The third day of 'my game', I caught her attention. Like me, she pretended she didn't see that I was touching myself, but she was brave enough to touch herself watching me (or stupid enough to think I didn't see her...). That went on for just a few minutes and when I stopped, she stopped too.

The next day, I knew I had her attention. I could she her eyes often looking down my desk, at my legs. So, when I felt ready, I brought my hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I deliberately wasn't wearing panties that day. I don't think she could see that yet as I hadn't opened my legs enough. As expected she started touching herself too. When I decided it was time, I slowly opened my legs to reveal my own freshly shaven pussy. She gasped at first but then muffled her amazement. We continued as we were, both pretending we didn't noticed each other. As I spread my pussylips with my fingers, she took the step to reveal her pussy, too. With one hand she held her panties aside and with the other she was slowly massaging her clit, her eyes fixed on my spread pussy...

Why don't you take your panties off, I decided to ask. It will be easier...She was startled but she followed my advice as if in a trance. I stood up, walked to the door and locked it, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises. Then I walked over to her. She had taken off her panties and she went on rubbing her clit. As I stood beside her I lifted my skirt to show her my dripping pussy. Wanna have a lick? I asked her, but actually my voice had a commanding tone.
I sat on her desk in front of her and opened my legs wide. Her face moved close to my pussy, so close I could feel her breath, and then she had her first lick. She continued licking and lapping while she finger-fucked herself. Don't worry, I'll make you come after you make me, I told her as I unbuttoned my shirt and revealed my breast. She obeyed my will and stopped playing with her pussy. In stead she started fondling my breast while still eating me. Fuck my ass, I told her. I want to feel your fingers in my asshole.

She was good. She put two fingers of one hand in my ass and with her thumb she rubbed my pussylips, while her mouth was sucking my clit. I came hard...Lick your fingers and undress, I said still out of breath from my orgasm. Then, I sat beside her and finger-fucked her to her own orgasm. After that day, whenever there was not much work, we masturbated together in our seats, watching each others exposed pussy under the desk. Going to work became a daily pleasure.

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