Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fantastic party

It’s the night of the party. I’m a little nervous as I won’t know a lot of the people there. I put on my knickers and bra, a tight t-shirt with a long skirt to the ankles and a nice cardigan. I dress purely for my own benefit, as I am without a boyfriend at the moment.

I walk to the party with a friend. We talk about who will be there, which men are attractive, who’s single and such things. We arrive at the house for the party. We are a little late so a lot of the people are already there. My friend goes off with her other mates, and I’m left watching the party from the sidelines as usual. I don’t mind watching everyone else I’m not good at socialising anyway. I see you across the room talking to your mates. I had not realised you would be there. I have had the hots for you for a long time, but have never been bold enough to tell you, I have fantasised many times about being with you. I watch you for most of the evening.

I had finally found the toilet and relieved myself in time. Just as I’m finishing I hear the door handle turn and realise with horror that in my haste to use the loo I forgot to lock the door. You enter the bathroom and lock the door before you notice me. My heart skips a beat; I am now locked in a bathroom with my secret crush. ‘Sorry,’ I stutter as I stand and cover myself, ‘I forgot to lock the door.’ ‘I noticed that,’ you reply with a smile. I feel my face redden slightly as I head for the door, in my embarrassment forgetting that my knickers are still round my ankles and falling flat on my face. You help me to my feet, but don’t turn away as I pull up my knickers. Then I notice that you are starting to get aroused. I smile at sight, then our eyes meet and I see in your face a look of desire that I have, for a long time, longed to see looking back at me. We step closer to each other then embrace in a kiss.

I kiss your mouth, exploring it with my tongue, allowing you to explore mine. I take your hand and place it on my breast, inviting you to caress me. I loosen your trousers and slip my hand down the back of your undies, stoking and caressing your buttocks. After a while I find your growing bulge and release it from its place. I start to explore the hardening bulk, causing it to rise further. I break from the kiss and get on my knees, hardly daring to believe this was really happening. I start licking your shaft with my wet tongue, slowly moving my tongue up and down the length of you. Then I explore your head with my tongue as I take the shaft in one hand. I start slowly moving my hand up and down the shaft as my lips close round the head. Mouth and hand stroke in unison as I start to suck.

I pull away before you come and stand to kiss your mouth, but you lift my t-shirt and bra and start exploring my naked breasts with your mouth, your tongue teasing my nipples as they harden with delight. As your mouth excites my breasts you take my underwear off again and slide my skirt to the floor. You outline my slit with a finger moving it slowly inside until your finger is totally immersed in me. Then you start moving the finger in and out, raising my level of excitement again. You then insert a second finger, still moving them in and out, but increasing the pace. All the while you’re still caressing my breasts with your mouth. As I get closer to climax you pull your fingers out. You then start teasing me with your erection. You stroke the outside of my pussy with the tip of your cock, purposely catching my clit and making me ache to feel you inside me. Eventually you slide yourself in, causing me to moan at the feel of you. You slide yourself in and out, both of us breathing heavy. I moan as loudly as I dare as I feel your large bulk pumping inside me. You finally bring me to climax and I scream with the pleasure of it as we both come. We stand there embraced in a passionate kiss with the electricity of orgasm still flowing through me.

I dress myself again as you use the toilet. We head back downstairs arm in arm. We find drinks and I sit in the only available chair, as you perch on the arm. ‘That was incredible,’ I whisper, smiling. You reply, ‘Aren’t you glad you forgot to lock the door?’ As you put your glass on the side, you overbalance and fall into my lap. I gaze down into your face as you laugh. We draw together in another kiss, and I feel myself getting aroused again at the memory of what just happened in the toilet. I whisper, ‘You know, I could do with a lie down on someone’s bed for a while.’ You reply, “I think you might need a hand up the stairs,” and we head up together with your arm around my waist.

You guide me to a room and I sit on the bed. You sit next to me and we draw together in another passionate kiss. You need no inviting this time and start fondling my breasts. After a while you push me gently so I’m lying on the bed. You lift my t-shirt and bra and start kissing my breasts. I gasp with pleasure and find your crotch with my hand, stroking your bulge. As you get bigger and harder I unzip your trousers and pull him out.

Then I take you in my hand and start stroking you as you continue to fondle my breasts with your mouth. You stop kissing and sit up again, so I take the opportunity to push you on your back, before removing your trousers and pants and my knickers. Then I lie on your chest, take you in my mouth and start sucking. You find my clit with your tongue and at the same time insert two fingers into me. I gasp and moan with the pleasure it brings. I continue to suck you as you slide your fingers around inside me with increasing pace. I take my mouth off you, just long enough to gasp, ‘Use a third finger,’ before continuing to savour your large, hard cock. You oblige. As you send me into orgasm I release my mouth from round you and scream with delight of it. When the orgasm has subsided slightly, you slide your fingers out.

I then turn round and sit on your erection, aware that you have not come yet and wanting to feel you pumping your load inside me again. I sit up, moving my whole body up and down, feeling another climax approaching. I throw my head back, arching my back and scream my delight as I orgasm again. This time I feel the wonderful, warm sensation of your load being pumped deep inside me. As the orgasm subsides again I collapse on the bed next you and embrace you in another loving kiss, hardly able to believe that my fantasies were finally coming true.
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