Thursday, January 10, 2008

its been too long

You call and to make sure I am home and still want you to drop over. What a silly thought; of course I want you here with me. After we hang up, I spend the next few minutes making sure that wine glasses are out and everything is ready.

When you walk in, you hold me close for a few moments. I so enjoy the feeling of you body against mine. You know how bad I am at opening wine bottles, so you open it and let it breathe. We end up on the couch, just talking. I want to know what is going on with YOU. Not with work, not with anything but YOU. We hold hands and talk. Finally you decide the wine is ready to drink. As we both take the first sip, I step up to you and kiss you deeply. You grin and tell me it must be really good wine. I suggest that we sit someplace because I am growing dizzy from your kisses. We go back to my couch and sip at the wine. Well, you sip. I have put my glass down and have crawled up your body (since you are more lying on the couch than sitting) to begin kissing you greedily over and over. You kiss me back and reach inside my shirt to find my heavy breasts. We both know how much you love holding and kissing and licking and sucking them. MMMMM, your touch excites me so much. You are the one that suggests we move to someplace a little more private as the front door is still open.

You take my glass from me. You sit on the bed and pull me against you. I'm just the right height that your head fits between my breasts. Within moments I begin taking off my shirt and bra. You gasp slightly as you gaze at my breasts before beginning to suck long and hard on one. When your hands begin to tug at my pants, I pull away to finish stripping. You also strip. Since I'm done first, I get to enjoy watching your body emerge from your clothing. You are so hard! Your cock is sticking up and out and looks so inviting.

Looks like someone is happy to see me. I kid you. All of me is happy to see you. I've been hard since I left work, is your reply. I end up on top of you as we collapse on the bed. I capture your cock with my hand and begin guiding you to my very wet pussy. I give an OHHH of surprise as your cock enters me. I am always surprised by how big and wonderful you feel as you enter me. Being on top is so good for me. I can set the pace as I want it, teasing you sometimes when I don't go as quickly as you'd like. I slide back a little bit so your cock is rubbing against my clit as you move in and out. And I cum hard while your cock is rubbing my clit. I can feel my juice lubricate you totally.

Your hands finally move to my hips to hold me still. "I don't want to cum, yet," you tell me. I pause in my movements, waiting for you. You push one leg out from under me and roll us over so you are on top - without losing that wonderful contact between us. Now it's your turn. You start slowly but build up quickly this time.

Do you like having your cock in my pussy? I ask. Yes, you have such a beautiful pussy, you answer. I need to cum in it. You begin to pound me. Hard and hot and fast. And, as always, I feel your hot cum filling me. I cum with you and can feel our combined juices overflowing my cunt and spilling onto my bed. You cum so hard, it feels like gallons. You are not usually as noisy as you are this time. It must have been a while since you were able to cum like that. You collapse on top of me, relaxing and letting both of our breathing return to closer to normal. My arms and legs wrap around you, keeping you inside me and on me. I think you doze off for a few seconds. Just enough to catch your breath. The sweat between our bodies makes both of us slick.
As you roll off, we both sip at our wine and just enjoy the post-sex feelings. I can't believe how much I still want you. So, I slide down your body, kissing your chest, your ribs, your stomach, your hips. You watch me, enjoying it. When I get to your cock, I begin licking it. The mixed taste of both of us is great. Your cock fits totally in my mouth right now. Do you really think you can get me hard so quickly? you ask. I just wink at you and keep licking and sucking. Oh, yes. You are getting bigger and harder. I look at you, your eyes are closed and I can tell how much you are enjoying this. Your mouth is so hot, you tell me. I squeeze your balls lightly as I lick and suck you to hardness again. Finally you pull me up towards you and put both us on our sides. You slide your cock inside my pussy, my leg over yours. We fuck slowly, enjoying each other more this time. I know what you want, though.

Do you want me on my knees? I ask. You don't say anything, but immediately begin shifting positions. I'm on my hands and knees now. You lean forward to play with my breasts as your cock moves so deeply inside me. I can't help it, I keep moaning with each thrust. I surprise you when I reach between my legs and capture your balls in my hand as you fuck me. I can hear your groan as I squeeze them. You are loving that. Finally, you can't take it any more and begin to fill me again. I begin cumming when I feel you shooting inside me. At last you push my body down and lay on it, your cock still captured in my pussy, and now also between my legs.
Again, our bodies finally move apart and I end up holding you and very lightly scratching your back. I know how much you love that. As I do so, I also know that I am going to put you to sleep. Yes, you finally go to sleep against me, your arm pulling me against you even in your sleep. I continue caressing your skin, memorizing how it feels against my fingertips.

You finally stir and kiss me slowly before rolling apart to get more wine for yourself. We lay together, your arm pulling me against you, mine across your chest as we talk. This time we talk about our relationship. You are grateful that I don't push you for more. I tell you that early on, I did want more. That I fantasized about waking up next to you every morning. You are quiet for a few moments. And then you tell me that relationships are complicated. I know you are talking about your (very difficult) marriage. I tell you that I'm not going to ask for more than you can give me - ever.

You pull me even closer and kiss me. We slowly move positions so that you are at my back, your arms around me. I can feel you kissing my neck as one hand moves to my breast to cup it. The other strokes my very shaved and wet pussy. We talk about me shaving, how I do it. You tell me that you want to watch me pleasure myself. When I ask you why, you tell me that you want to know how to give me pleasure. I tell you that I'll be glad to do that for you, but that you don't need any lessons, that you totally and completely please me. I can hear you chuckle ... you know you please me.

I can feel you getting hard again against my ass. I reach back to stroke you slowly. I love feeling your cock grow in my hand. You push your leg between mine. My leg goes over yours as you slide your cock into my pussy - again. I move around a little bit so there is better access. You are stroking in and out. Finally your cock slides out of my pussy and moves to stroking between my ass cheeks. The only lubrication we are using is from my wet pussy. I move back against you and take your cock in my hand. There are no words spoken as I flex my ass to help you. You begin pushing against my little ass hole. We both work at it for a couple of minutes before your cock head begins to enter me. OHHHH, that feels amazing. You go so slowly, so as not to hurt me.

Does that feel good? Do you like fucking my ass? All you do is groan and tell me how tight I am and how wonderful it feels. I am surprised by how much I enjoy having your cock in my ass. You begin to pump a little faster and I know you are excited by what you are doing to me. I clench my ass around your cock and you groan deeply as you burying your cock deep inside my ass. I feel your body tensing against mine as you cum again. Not as much, not as long, but you cum for your third time inside my willing body.

When you finally pull out, we lay there with you cradling me in your arms. You ask me if I enjoyed that. I tell you I did. You whisper that you didn't want to hurt me - that you never want to hurt me. I replly by telling you that you didn't hurt me and I am not worried about it. I am holding your flaccid, wet cock in my hand as we cuddle. Finally, you groan and roll away, needing to shower, dress and leave. I hate having you go, but know that you must.
As I walk you to my door and we kiss deeply again, you tell me that you aren't going to wait so long before returning to me. I just smile and tell you I'll be here for you.


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