Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Julie finally met Naughty aka Daisy

Julie crept in the door, not turning the light on so she wouldn't wake her roommate. Walking across the hall hands straight out in front of her like a zombie trying to find her way without crashing into any unseen mess. She was almost there when she stumbled over something stubbing her toe. Ouch, Fuckin Hell ,Julie exclaimed. Jumping up and switching on the light she seen she had just fell over her roommates pile of junk. Not caring to be quiet anymore she stormed down the hallway to her roommates room and pushed the door open ready to give her a blasting, but realising she wasn't there, her bed still made from this morning. At first worried but then she remembered she was going over to her boyfriends for the night.. Stuff it she thought, her roomie was having a night out and she was coming home from work at almost midnight after putting in a few extra hours at the office. Julie decided she would go down to the local club. She could really do with a drink.

A strong one at that. After changing into a top and skirt and reapplying some make-up Julie checked herself out in the mirror. Her top was accentuating her large breasts to the best of their ability. She had put on a short skirt showing off her slim toned legs, from hours on end at the gym. Her dark brown hair pulled back with wisps splaying across her face. Adding some mascara to her oceanic blue eyes and some lippy to her full lips and she was set. Walking up the street Julie could hear the thump-thump of the loud dance music coming from the club. There was a slight cue and she had to wait a few minutes. Despite now being 22 she was still asked for I.D. The bouncer checked it and then looked her up and down before pausing at her cleavage and smiling at her handing back her I.D. Not acknowledging his advances she hurried past him. Having sleazy guys try and hit on her was the last thing she felt like tonight. Upon entering the club Julie scanned the room, trying to spot any familiar faces but didn't. So she headed over to the bar.

A thin blonde women smiled at her from behind over the bar and leaned over the counter to hear her order. I'll have a vodka and orange thanks she yelled to the women. The blonde nodded and turned around to grab a glass. As she fixed her drink Julie couldn't help but notice her tight ass. She'd been bi for as long as she could remember. Her first experience when she was 16, drunk at a party, being dared by the guy she was with to kiss a girl. The soft touch of the girls lips was enough to keep her wanting more. That will be $7 the blonde said noticing Julie's eyes lifting from her ass up to her face. Julie handed her the money and grabbed her drink. Thanks Julie replied a bit embarrassed she had been caught. No worries sweetie She said giving Julie a wink before turning to serve another customer. Smiling Julie turned away and spotted someone that soon made her forget the blonde. It was her.

The girl she was mesmerised by every time she saw her. Never had they spoken, nor did she know anything about her, yet she wanted her so bad. The only thing she did know was that her name was Daisy. Julie had seen it on her name tag one day while being served by her.Daiy worked at the local corner store. So Julie took every opportunity to duck out for some milk or bread just so she could see her. Maybe it was her hoping, but sometime Daisy looked at her too. Their eyes meeting and lingering for that second to long. Well here was her chance. Julie's heart was beating faster at the prospect of going over to Daisy. She was sitting in a corner booth sipping at her drink. Daisy was thin with short dark hair. Not the kind of short like a dyke but a modern hip cut with a streak of red through it and it suited her. She had soft pale skin and dark eyes. Julie found that she had a sort of mysterious look about her.

The moment Julie had been waiting for had presented itself. Slowly and hesitantly she walked across the dance floor nearing to wear Daisy was sitting. She looked up from her drink and her eyes met with Julie's. Julie shuffled on the spot but fastened her step and walked straight past Daisy. Stopping after she was out of view, she gasped realising she had been holding her breath. Pull yourself together Julie she told herself. Do you always talk to yourself she heard a voice say behind her. Turning around and facing the voice was Daisy. Daisy was smiling at her waiting for Julie's answer. Um, no, sorry said Julie. It's ok, well i'm Daisy she said holding out her hand. I'm Julie she said extending her hand to Daisy’s, I have seen you around a few times Julie replied, then feeling a bit stalkerish for saying that. Yeah I have seen you come in a few times lately she said smiling. This may seem a bit forward but would you like to come back to my place Daisy said still holding onto Julie's hand. Julie looked into Daisy’s awaiting eyes glistening with anticipation and said yes, leading Daisy towards the entrance.

Once outside the club and down the street, the pair were walking side by side, each feeling the nervousness coming from the other. Julie tried to be bold and slipped her hand into Daisy’s hand entwined their fingers together. Daisy stopped walking and pushed Julie into the wall. Her hand reaching upto the nape of Julie's neck and pulling her face into her own until their lips met. Julie breathed in her scent. A soft vanilla musk.. Her lips were so soft. Julie felt Daisy’s lips part, so inresponse she parted her own and their tongues met. Slowly at first, then as the passion built, more intense. Julie moved to Daisy’s neck and slowly kissed her way across to her ear. Sucking her earlobe teasingly, tracing her tongue along the outline of her ear, sending a shudder down her body. Daisy nibbled on the bottom of Julie's lip sending a groan from the back of her throat. Daisy pulled away from Julie before she let it go any further and wouldn't be able to stop in such a public place. Come on, lets go to my place, I want you so bad she breathed into Julie's ear. Grabbing her hand she pulled her along the street to her place.

Once inside Daisy once again pushed Julie against the wall. This time she kissed her harder and more urgently. Julie could feel herself go wet just by kissing Daisy. She had waited so long for this moment and felt so hot by what she was about to experience. Daisy lead Julie to her bed room and once again embraced in a passionate kiss. Julie's hands slid down the soft exposed skin on Daisy Jade's back to untie her top. Daisy slipped her hands down to the hem on Julie's shirt and pulled the shirt up and over her head. Both women unclasped each others bras until they were standing in just their skirts. Julie unzipped her skirt and slid it off, hooking her thumbs under the sides of her undies to remove them. Daisy did the same, until both women were naked standing in front of each other.

The moonlight shining in the room over their bodies. They admired each other, noticing the glistening cum on each others mound already. Both women were shaven and their clits were swollen. Daisy took a step closer to Julie and softly pushed her back on the bed. Climbing on top of her and pushing Julie's legs apart with hers so her thigh rested on her pussy. She could feel her wetness against her bare thigh. Daisy kissed her lips first then from one shoulder to the other not missing any of her soft skin as she explored her. Her lips traced down to Julie's large breasts. Her tongue lightly touching her tips, making then erect as soft moans came from Julie. Julie ran her hand through Daisy 's hair and pushed face into her tits. Jade took her left breast into her mouth and gently sucked on it , swirling her tongue around her nipple. She continued down Julie's body, across her flat, smooth stomach, stopping at her navel and circling with her tongue making the little hairs on her stomach stand with goose bumps. She reached her center taking in her sweet aroma.

Her fingertips running along her inner thighs, up one side and down the other. In response Julie spread her legs, awaiting. Smiling to her self, Daisy Moved her face in front of Julie until her nose was right on her clit. As Daisy 's tongue touched her dripping pussy, Julie let out a gasp and pushed her hips closer to her face. Daisy 's tongue licked from her clit to her opening savouring her juices. Running her tongue up one lip and along the other, pausing at her clit and gently tugging at it. Teasing her. Daisy pushed to of her fingers into Julie's pussy and began to finger fuck her. Going in and out faster and harder adding a third finger. She felt Julie ebuck against her fingers. PleaseJulie begged. Knowing she was on the verge of an orgasm. She removed her fingers and put her mouth over her engorged clit.

Taking it into her mouth and sucking on it harder. Concentrating on pleasing Julie. She felt her body go rigid and her muscles tense up before she felt the throbbing of her pussy pulsating in her mouth as her sweet juices flowed into her mouth as she lapped it up, swallowing her cum. She didn't stop though, she rode Julie to a second orgasm before Julie reached down for her pulling her up close and kissing her. Tasting her own juices on Jade's mouth. Oh god, I've never come so hard in my life, that was amazing, Julie exclaimed. Please, now me Daisy whisperes. So Julie rolled Daisy over and climbed on her kissing her once again as their hard nipples pushed into one another. Julie's hand traced down her body to Daisy 's oozing mound.

She easily slipped 3 fingers into her wetness and began sliding them up and down against the walls of Daisy 's pussy. She was so hot that she almost cam straight away. Daisy began to climax so Julie fastened her pace. Daisy 's legs stiffen and her body shudders. An orgasm washes over her body. Julie instantly makes her way down Daisy 's center to taste her and laps up her cum. Then concentrating on her clit, she flicks at it and sucks it into her mouth making Daisy come again. Kissing slowly back up to Julie, from her stomach to her breasts. And finally to her sweet lips. The pair look into each others eyes smiling.

I have wanted to be with you for so long Julie tells Daisy. I know the feeling Daisy replies. Kissing her lightly on the lips sending a current through her body. Julie rolls over onto her side, as does Daisy, moulding herself to her and nuzzling into her neck. They both drift off to sleep in each others arms. Desire has brought them together and their love will keep them there.

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