Sunday, November 30, 2008

the bar

We've agreed to meet at the bar...I'm running behind and arrive a bit after you...the bar is busy and already noisy, filled with lots of women. I love meeting at the bar...I like the sexual energy...I like to look...I like to watch women come onto you and know that you aren't really interested...that I'm more than enough, that I satisfy that part of you...

I'm glad that you are there...You're over by the bar with a drink and a lovely looking woman is talking to you...she's sitting very close to you...leaning into you with her mouth close to your're wearing one of my favourite shirts...the soft blue one that buttons up the haven't noticed me I watch and enjoy the turn slightly and I see that you have the top three buttons undone...I can just see the top of your bra...very sexy...I'm starting to get you lean over to hear her words, I can see the curve of your breasts...the other woman doesn't miss the view and appears to be getting comfortable with you...I smile...I know who you are going home with...but I go over anyway and slowly turn you towards are surprised to see me...I whisper hello, I put myself between your legs and gently put my hands around your head, bring you close and kiss you hard...the possessiveness is not missed by the woman or you...she moves away and I put my hands on each side of your breasts, whisper a compliment in your ear about how beautiful they are and begin to kiss you more slowly...I want you to know that I like what I see and desire you. It turns me on that another woman desires you, but you are mine, at least for the evening...

You order me a drink and we sit close, hold hands and talk...
A slow song comes on and I ask you to are reluctant...I tell you that I will make it worth your smile and follow me onto the dance floor...
We move slowly on the dance floor...not really paying much attention to the music, just feeling's so nice to hold you's been a couple of weeks since we last met and I've missed you...I move my hands over your back, spending some time massaging the muscles in your back...nuzzling your neck with my mouth...just as you begin to relax, I move my hands lightly over your ass...then more lovely...I bring you in tight to me...your breasts very much in my view....we kiss...I bring my head down and ever so slowly kiss the tops of your breasts...I can hear your breathing breathing changes with yours...I want to tease you...I want you hot...I want you wet...I bring my hands to your hips and move my hands over your front...cupping your breasts in my hands...I'm really enjoying myself and I can see by your body language that you are too...we head off the floor after the hand wants to wander lower and tease you some more, but I reconsider....I'm not clear that I would be willing to stop if I started...

We head downstairs to the pool tables...I suggest that you play the winner...I want to be able to just watch you...tease you when you come agree...I smile. I have every intention of making it very difficult for you to concentrate on your game...but it backfires...I'm having difficulty have to bend over quite a bit...I either get a great view of your ass or your breasts...a girl can't ask for much more....women are gathering around to watch you quickly win the game and start another are well into your second game when a woman sits down beside me...starts a conversation with me...moving closer to me...I am distracted by this woman beside me...she's asking me something and I turn to speak to don't miss've been watching this woman, watching her work her way over to've finished the game and come over to move in between my legs, spreading them with yours, then you lift my head, look into my eyes making sure that you are the only person that I can see and then you kiss me hard...hmmmm...interesting question in anyone's mind now who I belong to...I like it...I want to belong to you...the woman now realizes that I belong to you and adjusts her position beside me.

I watch you play a few more games...I'm happy to are very have rolled up your sleeves, exposing strong forearms...I love your hands....all I can think about is your hands and how they move over I want them to move over me, under me and around periodically come over and kiss me...keeping me very aroused...although lovely, totally unnecessary, because I am aroused just watching you and watching the other women look at you with desire...I continue to watch you play...I bring you a drink and while handing it to you I bring you close and kiss you deeply before you take your last shot and end the game...I wouldn't want any of these women to think that you are I said, mine....
I've had enough...I want to go home now...I want you to myself.....I whisper in your ear that I'm ready for you to fuck me and it had better be soon...I take your hand and place it against me...letting you know without a doubt that I am grab my hand and we head out to your truck...I hold you against the driver's door and move my body into your' leg pressing into your crotch...we kiss slowly, then more passionately...I want you, now...I undue one more button...I move my hand over your breast inside your open shirt...I touch your nipple...your breathing changes and you offer yourself to me...I take your nipple in my mouth....I moan in delight...I move my hand down to your crotch and press firmly...oh, you are very hot...I begin to rub close your eyes and slowly move with take my hand away and we change places...I'm now against the bring my head down and kiss me...your tongue enters my mouth and I shudder...I'm very hot and so ready for you to fuck me....I take your hand and bring it against lightly touch's not enough...I need you to press are pressing your body into me with your hand just holding me...not moving....I'm begging you to fuck me...right there against the don' tell me I have to wait...that it will be worth waiting for...I'm feeling very bring me over to my side of the truck and tell me to get in...

We get home and step inside the start unbuttoning the rest of your shirt...looking at me, teasing me...daring me to touch's fully open and I can see your chest rising...I slowly move towards you and carefully move the shirt off your shoulders and down your arms making sure to lightly brush against your are very aroused too...your breathing changes again when I lightly brush against your breasts....the shirt drops to the floor...I bring you towards me...hold you close and undo your bra...ah...the bra slides off...I crush you against me...I want to feel your breasts against me...we move apart and I look at you then I bend and I begin to suck on your offer me the other one...I stop and begin to kiss you slowly...then more deeply...

I am so wet and I want you so much...but I want to prolong this for as long as much sweeter...I say stay right there while I go over to the stereo...I put on one of your favourite CD's...we both like to have music playing softly in the background...I put it on repeat so that it doesn't turn off at an inopportune have followed me into the livingroom...I grab your hands and back you up into the wall...pressing against you...I move away leaving a small space and begin to take off my shirt and bra...I press you into the wall again wanting to feel you against me...I hold your hands against my chest...I lean in kissing your neck and slowly work my way up to your side then the other...liking the way you taste...liking the way you smell...I am so aroused I could just take you right now...but I hold off and begin to undo your pants...unbuttoning your jeans and working at the zipper....I don't take them off yet...I like the idea of entering you with your pants still on...I move my hand inside your underwear...oh god, you are so wet....I slip my finger inside buck...I flood...I am very wet and pulsing...I take my finger out and you tell me to put it back...I don't but tell you that I will soon and that I have other things on my mind...I begin rubbing your clit with my finger for a few minutes but really want more....I'm kissing you, wanting to fuck you, but wanting to draw it out, tease you, make you beg me to fuck you...wanting it to be just right for you...just right for me...I move down your body taking your jeans and underwear with me...I smell your arousal...I flood again...I kiss your pubic area...I run my tongue through your folds...I slowly run my tongue over your buck again...I hold your ass in my hands, kneading your cheeks...wanting to pleasure you...needing to pleasure you...pleasuring you pleasures me...I slowly run my tongue up and down over your grab my head and press it against you...I move my tongue further down and go inside buck again but are having a hard time standing now...I want you to come...working my hands up I spread you so that I can suck on your clit...I am fingering your opening...not going inside just staying on the outside, teasing you, you are moving quite a bit now...I move up your body with my tongue...licking your tummy, your breasts, your neck, your ear...I ask you to turn around because I want to enter you from turn around...I bring my arms around and gently cup your breasts...
I love the weight in my hands...I rub myself against your ass...teasing you...playing with you...I begin to play with your breasts and kiss your neck. I press into your back so you can feel my breasts against you...I want you...I ask whether you are ready...shall I fuck you now or shall I wait I ask me to fuck you now and move against me urgently...I enter you quickly with 3 are tight...oh wet, pulsing around my fingers...I'm afraid I've waited too long...teased you too buck and start to move with me...I slowly begin to fuck you...enjoying the way you feel...I'm whispering in your ear what I want to do to wet you much I love fucking you...that I want you to tell me what you want in words...I can feel by your body what you want, but it really turns me on to hear the words...I ask you if it's okay....if you want just press against me and tell me to fuck you harder, faster, deeper...oh god, I think I just your response I've hit your sweet spot and I work it until you come...I'm sure I've come too by how wet I am....I love the way you feel...the sounds you make...I want to fuck you again...I ask you if I can fuck you turn around and hold my hand more for now you's your turn you whisper in my ear...we move towards the bedroom...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


It all started when I started to work for my dad, there was him and 4 other blokes in the office.I was 20 and slim, with blonde hair and I wasn’t mega stunning but I turned a few heads.It was around the end of April I started working for him I needed money for my birthday, little did I know 2 of the guys was going to give me a birthday present I would never forget! Guys this is my daughter Vanessa please look after her! My dad said as he left the room, kissing my cheek as he did so.Hello my name’s Matt! One said holding out his hand and as I took it he moved my hand to his mouth and kissed it. He was about 22 or 23 same as the next guy; he also came over to say hi to me.Nice to meet you! I replied Matt,Hi my name’s Lee! The other said, leaning over and kissing my cheek.They were both mega sexy and I new they both liked me straight away they didn’t stop staring at me all day! The other 2 were a lot older and just shook my hand and sat back at their desks.

My dad thought I was a good little girl, little did he know I loved having sex and in every place you could think of and with any sexy man.For the first few weeks there was a little flirting going on between Matt and me, but also Lee and I, the lads were competing for my attention, I liked Lee a little more than Matt but it was fun to pay with them both. It was soon my birthday and Matt and Lee were both flirting with me so bad, it came to lunch time and we went round to Lee’s flat as he lived 2 minutes around the corner! Good thing was it was Friday and dad closed the office at 12.30pm on a Friday.Right I’m cutting to the chase! Lee said as he unlocked the door and we all walked in to the flat, Which one of us do you like the most! He said and I smiled, knowing that it was Lee! I like you both! I replied and gave them a sexy smile,I want to bang you right here right now! Matt said as he felt up my ass,Well play your cards right and you both might get to have a piece of me! I said and they both grinned as I walked to the window and fanned my chest with the open part of my shirt, both of them staring at my tits, I then moved into the bedroom and took off my top which was a corset bottom, which stopped under my 34DD tits and shirt top, this gave me a great cleavage.

They stood watching as I slipped out of my skirt too, leaving me in just my very sexy lacy French knickers, I thought they were much sexier than thongs!Wow! They both gasped and I looked at them both and they had bulges in their trousers as I stood there in just my panties.Right which of you wants me first? The other can watch or even better join in! They both nodded but I wanted to have Lee last as I fancied him the most and when I picked Matt I told him to get undressed and lay on the bed as I went to get a drink and took Lee with me.Why him first? He said sounding disheartened.Because I want you so bad I save the best till last! I winked at him, and he smiled as he walked over and slipped his hand into my panties and I gasped as he rubbed my clit, he started to kiss my neck and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach from what I could feel he was going to be worth the wait.Later! I whispered to him and peck his lips, even though I didn’t want him to stop, he withdrew his hand and followed me back into the bedroom. Ready big boy? I said to Matt as I climbed on the bed and knelt over him, I’m ready alright! He said with a huge grin on his face and I smiled he then grabbed my panties and pulled them down to my knees to reveal my shaven pussy and he smiled and I stood and let him pull them down and throw them to the floor.

He then lowered me down on to his face and began to lick and suck me, I was in heaven, his tongue was working wonders sucking my clit then flicking it every now and then and I began to writhe around and I felt so hot but I couldn’t watch Lee just sitting there and just stoking himself I wanted to help him out, and I was right earlier he’ll certainly be worth the wait and there wouldn’t be any complaints from me.Lee come here babe! I said as he looked up and stood up, and walked over to me and I took his throbbing hard and red cock in my hand and began to rub him up and down, he looked at me with lustful eyes and I smiled at him.He then knelt on the bed and I leaned over and licked the top of his cock and saw the pre cum start to come out and he smiled and nodded as I licked up and down his hard shaft, he gasped and I had to let go for a second as Matt began twisting and licking faster, I thought I was going to explode, Matt brought me to orgasm I shook and felt my juices run out of my wet slippery pussy and I looked down to see Matt sucking up my pussy juice well what wasn’t over his face. I climbed off and took notice of Lee I felt like I’d neglected him and his cock and begin to lick and suck on it, he’s nearly there as he threw his head back and his cock begins to pumps hot cum all in my mouth I swallow the first load then there’s more and more and just when I thought he’s stopped there was still more.He looked down at me a smiled as I sucked him dry I then felt fingers slide in my pussy and I knew it was Matt I looked round and he was smiling as he finger fucked my pussy hole, it felt fantastic, I felt so sexy being wanted by both men.Vanessa you’re so fucking sexy! Matt said as I was getting my close to orgasm again, I smiled and looked at Lee, I knew he wanted me to himself so I winked at him, and he smiled.

Then I felt him rub my clit too, then I got that feeling I love so much, my pussy felt like it was never going to stop spasm ‘in and it felt fantastic as I felt the orgasm rip through my body and the cum drip from my soaking pussy as Matt once again licked them up. I felt sorry for Lee as he had watched me orgasm twice but not touched me yet. Well I’m afraid boys I’ve got to go now my boyfriend wont be too happy if he don’t get to fuck me on my birthday! I said, after I came down from my orgasm and winked at Lee. You have a boyfriend! Matt said and stood,Yeah, you didn’t think I was single did you? I said and he nodded,Well I’m not! I said pulling on my panties and skirt,Sure I can’t interest you in staying? Matt said as I did the last hook and eye up on my top,I’m sure! I replied and walked to the door after we’d all got dressed,I took my phone from my bag and typed at text out ready to send.

Well thank you very much for a wonderful 21st birthday! I said and kissed them both and left, Matt also in tow.I got out on to the main road and he grabbed my ass,How bout we carry on where we left off at mine? He said, I’ve already told you I’ve got to get back to my boyfriend! I’ll see you Monday! I replied and walked off and I turned to see him disappear round the corner and pressed send on my phone and then walked back to Lee’s front door.He opened the door and smiled at me,I thought? He asked, I shook my head, I said that to get rid of Matt! I replied, and I kissed him.So what do you have in mind? He said, as we kissed.Well maybe we can get further than we just did? I said and winked at him,Sounds very good to me! He laughed as he picked me up and took me to the bedroom,Vanessa I wanted you so bad when he was licking you out! I was angry because he got to give you 2 orgasms and I didn’t Lee confessed,Well for starters call me V and second you get your chance now!

I said as he ran his hands up my thighs and I was still so hot from being sucked and finger fucked, I swear he could feel the heat before his hand had gotten anywhere near my pussy. He lay me down and pushed my skirt up so it was round my waist and then pulled my panties down and tossed them aside.He then kissed from my knees and then along my thighs taking his time as he did, I could hardly breathe with him so close to my hot pussy.He then stood and pulled me up and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor and began undoing the hook and eyes on my top, starting at the bottom and working his way up.He came to the last one and gave me a cheeky grin and then undid it and pulled my shirt over my shoulders and ran his hands back up my arms and leaned down and took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, I was so turned on I thought I was going to come there and then.I gently pushed him away and pulled his t-shirt over his head and our naked bodies touched and he felt so soft against my skin and I liked it. I then ran my hand down to his trousers and boxer shorts and pushed them down and ran my hands over his lovely tanned arse and squeezed it. Love the tan marks babe makes it look like you still have your bikini on!

He said and took my right nipple into his mouth and I threw my head back and he new I wanted him but he was teasing me.I pushed his shorts all the way to the floor and we stood facing each other and totally naked we kissed the kiss turned so passionate that I hadn’t noticed Lee slid his hand down and start to rub me.Lee take me right now I cant wait any longer I want you in me right now! I nearly screamed.He just smiled at me and still holding me and rubbing me he walked us over to the bed and us down and I rolled us over so we was in the middle of the bed.I was also now on top and I looked down and Lee and smiled at him and he smiled back and I really wanted him inside me but as I grabbed hold of his cock he stopped me.Not yet! He grinned at me and I looked at him confused and he turned us over and kissed his way down my body. I’m going to make you cum so hard and you’ll have multiple orgasms and you’ll never want anyone else because I want to keep you after tonight! He said and I smiled I wasn’t going to complain. He began at my lips and moved to my neck and then down to my shoulders, over to my arms, to my fingertips and then back up,You’re a tease!

I said with a little laugh,Good isn’t it! He said and I smiled as he made his way down my cleavage and over to my left nipple that was as hard as rock, then over to my right one, that was just as hard, he stopped and looked up at me, and kissed me.I smiled as he pulled away and went back to where he left off kissing all the way down my stomach and then down my right leg and up the left, he stopped and smiled at me again as he reached my pussy, I by this time was so wet it wasn’t going to take much for me to come!He slowly licked my pussy lips and then ran his tongue from my hole right the way up to my clit, that was then when he began licking and flicking my clit with his tongue.I was so lost in the ecstasy I wasn’t aware that there was so much wetness between my legs.

Then it hit my orgasm it was the biggest one I’d ever had.Oh my god! I kept repeating as Lee kept on licking me, I was in heaven once again, my orgasm subsided and he looked up as me and I smiled widely at him, which he returned then came so that our faces were level and gave me a sensual kiss and as he pulled away, I felt his hard cock laying on my pussy, I smiled.Now I want you right now! I whispered and he smiled and I guided his cock to my pussy and he pushed it in and it felt great, he began to thrust in and out of me getting faster and harder, I nearly passed out it was so good, he stopped and pulled out and pulled me up and walked me to the wall and he stood me with my back to it and then he spread my legs and entered me again and then pulled my legs up and I locked them round his waist and my arms round his neck, he was so deep, it felt great.He then started to breathe heavier and thrust even faster and I knew he was about to come, he then took me to the bed pulled his cock from my pussy and sat me on the bed and came all over my tits.I smiled at him, he returned a cheeky grin, Oh no your all messy, you’ll have to have a shower to clean that all off wont you! He said and winked at me. I walked to his bathroom and turned the shower on and climbed in letting the hot water run over my body.Lee was in the bedroom as far as I was aware, the next thing I know these hands are running themselves over my tits and then one slipped down on to my pussy and began teasing my clit, I turned to see Lee and he smiled at me as he leant in and kissed me.Happy Birthday Beautiful! He said and I smiled as he got the shower gel and lathered me up in it, his hands were everywhere and it felt great, his hard cock pressing into my back felt great too as he washed all the soap off me.I want you to fuck me right here and now!

I whispered in his ear, I wasn’t going to need to ask twice, he turned me so I had my back to the wall and lifted my leg and plunged his hard cock deep inside my pussy,Oh yeah baby that feels so good! He said as he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy, it felt even better that before in the bedroom.I’m going to cum! He then said in an out of breath voice, Me too! I said as I began to cum, Oh my god I felt you cum that time and all I can say is wow! He replied and pumped his hot cum deep into my pussy!Wow! He said as he withdrew and stood looked at me standing under the running water, and walked over to me and kissed me as he one of his hands was on my hip and the other playing with my pussy, he slid his fingers over my clit and teased me.Babe I should go! I said as I pulled away from him,Why babe stay here and I can fuck you all night then! He replied.I’d love that! I replied and he smiled at me and we finished our shower and made our way to the bedroom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

last night

How you met her and became good friends is a long story. But still, it all happened very quickly. It is difficult to believe you had only known her for about four months. But then again, when you meet someone and everything clicks, time is not the issue. And there was something very different about this friendship. There has been an underlying tension...a sexual tension.... which for once you knew was reciprocated. You would catch her looking at you with that look in her eyes. And if she saw that she was caught, she always blushed and that adorable, cat that ate the canary smile would fill her face. Up until tonight, the two of you had not really talked about sexual experiences. You chatted of home, children, spouses, and sometimes sex, more in general terms rather than personal preferences.

Tonight, you agreed to meet her for a drink, just to get out for awhile. As you have a drink, then a second, the friendly talk flows, the hours fade away. Both of your husbands are out of town so there was no need to rush home. But as the evening progresses, you both grow tired of the loud lounge and she cordially invites you to her home. You are having a wonderful time and accepts the invitation. Her home is very comfortable. And the two of you resume your conversation, sipping fresh drinks and lounging on her overstuffed couch. At times you feel almost silly, giggling like young girls, talking about anything and everything. And you catch her occasionally looking at you...your face...the opening in your blouse...your jean covered legs.

You feel do not know where this evening is going....if it is going anywhere. Then it happens. In a fit of laughter and an over exaggerated hand gesture, her drink, loosely grasped in her feminine hand, splashes out of her the glass, landing on your blouse. She apologizes profusely and you both giggle as you jump up and she runs to the kitchen to grab a soft towel. You are still standing as she re-enters the room and she begins to blot the alcoholic drink from the front of your blouse, continuing her apologies. You feel her pressing the damp material against your skin and it feels cold...but good. Almost imperceptibly, her blotting evolves into a pressure...and a stroking. You look up from her hand holding the towel and realize she is standing very close now, her face inching closer. Her eyes are glassed over with feelings and you know what is about to happen.

Can I kiss you? she whispers, her eyes glancing from your lips, then to your eyes. Unable to speak, you nod an apprehensive yes. You feel her lips as her kiss is soft...softer than you have ever felt. And you sense her arms as they wrap around you, moving your bodies together. Everything is so soft, gentle, feminine, even as her kiss grows her tongue touches yours....and together they do a sweet dance. She breaks the kiss and somewhere within you, you long for more. You look at her sexy face....smiling at you....pleased that you did not turn away her advancement. You kiss just as I dreamt, she sighs, as she pulls her body tighter to yours.

Her body feels so different against you....the way her breasts rests against yours...her hips pressing against you, yet not into you as a man's body would. And as she continues to kiss you in that wonderful way, you feel her fingertips run an invisible path up and down your back...grazing the soft skin of your neck...down your spine....sketching unseen circles on your jean covered ass. Her touch causes involuntary shivers to run through your body. Without thought, your own hands have began to explore this new body, as you unconsciously mimic her moves...tracing her neck and shoulders...skeetering up and down her back....touching her ass. Her body feels It's curves...and softness....while not a tiny woman, she stills has a delicate feeling about her compared to your husband's body.You are so lost in the moment and the feelings, time passes without notice as the two of you stand in her living room, kissing, touching, holding each other, the passion continuing to build. Slowly, she pulls away and smiling, takes your hand, leading you down the hallway to the master bedroom.

Once in the room dominated by the large king-sized bed, she turns and embraces you for another kiss. You feel so good...and you are so glad she is willing to lead. But again she backs away, motioning for you to sit on the bed, and says, After the drinks and before we go much further, I need to go in there, nodding towards the bathroom. She squeezes your hand and slips into the darkness, closing the door behind her. You sit realizing you are not feeling as anxious, but still....unsure...uncertain...this is all so different. Where exactly is this going? What will we do? Will I be able to do things to her that she wants...that she may do to me? What if.... Before you can torture yourself any further, the bathroom door opens and she moves towards you. No longer wearing the blouse and jeans she had on earlier, she is now wearing a long, fluffy white robe. She looks cute, beautiful, sexy as she stops right in front of you. With a persistent gentleness, she presses your thighs open with her legs until she is positioned between them. You must look up to gaze into her face and when you do, she bends to deeply kiss you. As your kiss ends, and with deliberate slowness, she sinks to her knees between your thighs. She reaches up and begins to work the buttons of your blouse open, bending to touch your newly uncovered skin with just the tip of her tongue. You both giggle as she has to wrestle the blouse from the waist band of your jeans, but finally it is free. Sliding your blouse off your shoulders and down your arms, she begins to plant soft, passionate kisses on your skin....covering your neck and each shoulder...painting your exposed chest with her feminine tongue....until you feel her hand grazing the underside of your breast.

Her touch is soft, gentle, knowing. She finds the clasp fastening your bra and the sudden lessening of the tension binding your breasts lets you know she had no trouble with it. As with the blouse, she quickly removes your bra and then takes a moment to admire your round globes. She begins to stroke the slope of one breast, her fingers titillating your cleavage, while her other hand loosens the belt holding her robe close. Successfully opening her robe, she takes one of your hands and brings it up, laying it on her breast. Her skin is soft and very warm to your touch. Tentatively, you again begin to mirror your movement to hers. As she tenderly squeezes your breasts, you find yourself softly molding her breasts...feeling her hardening nipple rub against your palm. While your breasts are more rounded with smaller, light colored nipples, her breasts are tear-drop shape with large nipples and dark areolas.

You delicately lift her breasts, supporting it in your hand, somewhat amazed at it's weight. Your thumb comes to rest on her erect nipple and with a childlike curiosity, your begin playing with the reddened nub. Swirling your digit around the nipple causes a moan to escape from her lips. Her head falls back as your thumb is joined by a finger and you tweak her nipple, rolling the sensitive skin between them. You can feel the heat coming from her body, now only protected by her open robe. She shutters under your touch, suddenly pulling back from you. A moment of uncertainty on your part is replaced by your own moan as she leans forward to kiss and suck your nipple into her hot wet mouth. She seems to know how to tease your hard nipple...kissing softly...tonguing it to a wet sheen, sucking delightfully but not too rough...then beginning over....sending waves of pleasure through you. She seems to take great satisfaction in teasing you, spending much time, first taking and giving her pleasure to one and the other breast. You feel so good and every time you move the slightest, you are aware of the wetness saturating your panties. She also seemed to know when to linger and when to move on to something new. With your breasts swollen from her skillful playing, and wet from her oral adoration, she stops and stands up, still between your thighs.

She drops her robe to the floor, her naked breasts inches now from your face. You glance up into her eyes and she smiles, nods and gently guides your mouth to one of her breasts. You kiss the soft smooth skin and it feels nice against your lips. Slowly you work your way down to her nipple. Cautiously, you kiss her nipple and again she moans, more loudly than before. Her hand strokes the back of your head, and presses you forward. You open your mouth and she feeds you her nipple. You remember what she did to you and what you enjoy your husband doing, and kiss, suckle and lick her large nipple. Suddenly you realize you are again lost in what you are doing. You are not thinking about how to suck this other woman's breast, but rather, nature has stepped in and you know how to bring her the pleasure she seeks. First one breast, then the other. Then back to the first. You suckle her nipples, feeling them harden even more. It seems her breasts are swollen, the skin tight and smooth, yet still feminine and soft. Her moans are deep and passionate. Your hands have worked their way around her hips and you are playing with the globes of her ass and the back of her thighs.

She still feels so different...smooth...womanly. Without much thought, your hand slides around and reaches for the area where you would have normally grasped a hard cock. But instead, your hand slides between her thighs and discovers her wetness. You hesitate...that fear and anxiety raising it's head for a brief moment. Oh so tentatively, your fingers begin to touch feel her course hair covering her feel the dampness coating the inside of her thighs...and the heat radiating from this precious junction. As you touch her, she responds by moaning and grasping your shoulders for support. She bends her knees slightly, parting her thighs, which in turn allows you access to her moist slit. You are amazed at how wet she is as one of your fingers slips between her intimate lips, instantly being immersed in her hot juices. Her hips begin rocking forward and back, side to side, forcing your finger to open her up further. Slowing her movements, she arches her back in such a way that your finger is position directly on her clit. With half opened, lust-filled eyes, she looks down at you and pleads, Don't tease me, please. You know what to do. Please.....oh.... Her sentence is cut short as you press on her clit, making small circles around and around the little nub. You are not convinced that you do know what to do, but you are doing something right from her reactions. You are afraid of pressing too hard...being too rough on her sensitive clit, but she is actually controlling the pressure, grinding her wetness against your finger and hand. Her hips are moving constantly now, undulating inches from your face. You can feel the heat...the wetness...and now the scent...the scent of another woman climbing her way to orgasm.

It is still all so exciting. On an impulse, you bring your other hand up between her thighs and using your fingertips, you find her opening. Her movement slows and she spreads her legs further as you gently push upwards, feeling you finger sink into her until she is almost sitting on your palm. Ohhhh.... she whimpers, as her hips resume their dance on your fingers. Now both of your hands are busy, one stroking her clit; the other moving one, then two fingers in and out of her womanhood. Her movements are becoming more purposeful...more she bounces up and down on the fingers of one hand while never allowing her clit to lose contact with the fingers of your other hand. You watch in amazement as her skin becomes flush...her fingers gripping your shoulders as if for dear life....her breasts swollen and bouncing on her chest. And as her moans builds to a crescendo, her entire body begins to quiver as every muscles tightens and strains. Her moans fill the room as she stands perched on tip toes, body taunt and stretched towards the ceiling. You feel the muscles of her womanhood convulsing around your fingers. She seems to reach a peak, only to have her trembling increase and you can tell another wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelms her being. Wave after wave crashes through her body until, with a very loud shriek, she collapse onto you, forcing you to lay back on the bed with her on top. Her body is damp with sweat and you can feel her trembling as an occasional spasm ripples through her.

Her breathing is slowing, but she still is panting too hard to talk. So you wrap your arms around her and carefully hold her allowing her to calm. Once her breathing slows, a peaceful, serenity seems to fill her. She moves her face to yours and kisses you with a new softness. As the kiss ends, she leans on her elbows so she can look into your eyes. A smile beams across her face. That was....perfect, she purrs. She rolls to one side of you and one of her hands nonchalantly begins to lightly touch your breasts. Shivers are sent through your body from her gentle, teasing touch. She bends and kisses your nipple, any sense of urgency being replaced with a playfulness. Grazing your sensitive mounds with her fingers, she again smiles as a moan escapes from your lips. I want you to feel as good as you just made me feel, she whispers, But for that, we need to take these off, she says, tugging at the snap on your jeans. She climbs down until she is again between your legs. With little difficulty, she slides your jeans and panties down together until they are pooled on the floor. She urges you to move further up the bed until you rest your head on one of the pillows. Once she is satisfied that you are comfortable, she glides her hands up and down your legs, silently spreading them apart until there is enough room for her to position herself between them. She brushes the tender inside of your thighs with her fingernails sending pleasurable sensations through you. With each upward stroke, her touch moves closer to your womanhood. You know she can see how wet you are for you are now open for her peering eyes. Her hands come together to cover your mound and you can feel the bed shift as she bends forward. Everything seems to stop, including your breathing.

Then you feel her pressing her lips into your wetness and you know she is inhaling her scent and tasting you for the first time. A soft groan of desire is heard from her as she nestles her nose against your clit. With a slow deliberateness, she kisses your swollen lips...first on one side, then the other. You can feel her soft tongue as it dips into your wetness....patiently working it's way up your slit. Using her thumbs, she ever so gently separates your folds, baring your now very sensitive clit. She hesitates a moment before touching your excited nerves with just the tip of her soft, wet tongue. You jump for the intensity of the sudden sensation was unexpected. A moan of playful delight is heard emanating from between your legs as your lover is very pleased with the reactions she is producing. At a teasingly slow pace, she licks your clit, sending sexual jolts into your being. Over and over she carefully strokes you with her tongue, until you can feel the need starting to build deep inside you. She too senses your movement towards release and increases the pressure against your tender nub, swirling her tongue around and around.

Her skillful manipulations has you wanting...needing...desiring...more! More of this powerfully, absorbing pleasure. Your hips press downward, firmly against her mouth, adding to the delight her tongue is bringing. You feel the shifting of the bed again as she quickly spins around, placing a thigh on either side of your head. The soft feel of her breasts crushing against your abdomen is a short-lived distraction from the sight before you. Directly above your face is her very hot, excited sex. The spread lips are engorged with blood, reddening them as you have never seen before. Her juices produce a glossy sheen to all it covers, including the eager little clit extending from it's protective hood. And her scent...her scent is an intoxicating aroma which immediately floods your senses. Reluctant but a moment, lust and curiosity causes you to raise your head and you kiss another's womanhood for the first time.

Ummmm she groans as you press your lips to her womanhood a second and a third time. Without thought, your tongue reaches out and you taste her wetness. Her taste is sweet! And your tongue dips into her for more of her nectar. She allows herself to slide further down, pressing her spread pussy against your tongue. You enjoy the reaction each touch of your tongue produces in her. Wrapping your arms around her, you urge her to lower herself further until you can comfortably pay her the attention you desire. Now your breasts are crushed between your bodies, with each wriggle, each movement rolling your nipples against her soft skin. She resumes her oral ministrations, licking your wetness as you reciprocate. A mixture of soft moans and the smell of womanly arousal fills the air as each of you give and take pleasure. You are pleased that she seems to be enjoying your first attempts at satisfying another woman. Her hips are now grinding down...her wetness covering your face as she slides against your lips and tongue over and over. Her moans are becoming constant and her body is letting you know she is approaching another climax. You increase your licking, stroking her clit...swirling it with your tongue. Her hips are rocking...her body wriggling....until suddenly she tenses and you hear and feel one long muffled moan as her release sweeps through her body. Expecting her attention to you to be slowed by her orgasm, you are lustily surprised when suddenly, she attacks you with a renewed fervor. She is relentless as she sucks your clit into her hot, wet mouth...swabbing it over and over again and again.

You can feel your orgasm approaching quickly as she moans into your sex, the vibrations adding to the almost overwhelming sensations already teaming through your body. And just as you feel your climax about to release, she pushes two fingers deep inside you with one motion and begins to rifle them in and out of your womanhood. You body stiffens, raising your hips off the bed and lifting her with them. But she does not slow. And immediately an orgasmic explosion rips through your body. Wave after wave course through you as all consciousness is pushed aside by cresting pleasures. Your body trembles as orgasmic spasms rack through you. Over and over, overpowering pleasure consumes you. Until with one last burst, you collapse...exhausted...satisfied...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Two Wifes

Sarah and I had been good friends for several years now. We had shared many ups and downs about out marriage, work, friends and just your everday kind of stuff. I've always thought she was an attractive woman. Dark long hair and green eyes...5'7" and beautiful. She was a knock. Me on the other hand. I guess I was pretty average...5'4"...hazel eyes and dark hair.About 15 lbs or so over weight but nothing bad. She'd often told me that I was attractive but I would blow it off with a laugh or change the subject quickly. Our husbands had gone out of town on a military assignment so I decided to have a gathering for a few friends. It was small, nothing outrageous or wild but nice. After hours of laughter and many bottles of wine my guests started making their exits. Before to long it was just Sarah and I. Making attempts to clean up the mess we both looked at each other and plopped down on the sofa. It was hot and we couldn't be bothered. We sat and talked for a while and rubbed each others feet.

Hey Susan...I forgot to tell you, I really like that skirt you have on...Thanks, I said. I thought I would treat myself to something new. It was a black leather skirt. I'd put on pantyhose but couldn't be bothered to wear panties because it was too hot. Finishing out my outfit was a sheer white blouse and black bra. Sarah had on something amazing as usual. She always dressed to impressed and had the body to die for. I turned on the tv and flipped through channels to see what was on...nothing very exciting...and then there it was...some off the wall channel....2 women in a tight embrace...bare naked...moaning erotically. I could feel the heat rise through my body and quickly switched channels and attempted to talk about something else when Sarah grabbed my hand and turned back to the two women.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like with another woman, Susan?...Sarah asked excitedly. Sure, we were friends but answering that question seemed rather embarrassing. I didn't say anything and she said...come on, we're can tell me. Still I could not answer. My heart was beating out of my chest and my palms became wet. Well, I have....Sarah said....leaning over, whispering into my ear...I've thought about you, Susan. Just then a wave of excitement hit me. The hair on my arm stood to attention...goosebumps now covering my body...the thought of her thinking about me excited me. I turned and looked at have? .....Yes, she smiled devilishy.

Wow...I....I...ummm...I don't know what to say, Sarah. Feeling moisture building deep inside my pussy I knew I wanted her and wanted her badly. Rubbing my sheer covered leg she went on to tell me how often she thought of me...kissing me...carressing me...dreaming of me. I did not dare look at her. My eyes were in a daze...the more she spoke seductively to me and rubbed my inner thigh, the more aroused I became. She leaned over and without hesitation kissed me softly on my lips...God, she was a wonderful kisser. Her tongue danced gracefully in my mouth...this was it....I couldn't take anymore. Giving myself back to her..grabbing her face and bringing it closer to mine..her hands roaming further up my thigh to my already soaked pantyhose. I moaned slighty as she sucked my neck and worked her way down to my breasts. My nipples fully erect, rubbing against my bra...damn...I was feeling good. My body burning with hot passion....feeling her close in now on my wet mound she looked up and me and smiled....You like this I see??..She said to me...Ohhhhhh Yes, Sarah......Don't stop!.

Her hands rubbed over my covered pussy...playing with my clit through my pantyhose...I leaned back and let her have legs spread even further...slowly humping her hand as it rubbed over my pussy.'re a nughty girl Susan, aren't you? You wanna be bad tonight baby? You want Sarah to make you feel good baby? Do you want Sarah to make your pussy hot....make it wet....tell me Baby, tell me what you want. My god..I couldn't take it anymore....with every word I felt the burning inside...the feelings of orgasm building. She pulled my skirt all the way up and sniffed the crotch of my panties....mmmmmmm...she said. Your nectar smells soooooo good. She began tracing my pussy with her nose....stiffing...blowing. I jerked with excitement....Madly fondling my breasts...and moaning in pure delight.

Bringing her hand up she ripped my pantyhose in the crotch and nestled her tongue deep inside. My god...I couldn't take much more. I moved my pussy into her face as she tongue fucked me...and with each lap of her tongue, I humped faster...moving up to my clit, she sucked it...nibbled it....bit god...this was it....I moaned and screamed in pleasure and she got me off. Ohhhhhhhh God............Sarahhhhhhhhhh.....make me cum....I wanna cum in your mouth........ohhhhhgoodddd........bbaaaabbbbyyyyyyyyyyy....yes..........suck my cunt you bitch.....This must have aroused her because as I said this she ramed 4 fingers deep inside my swollen pussy. Between the finger fucking and tongue lapping she talked nasty to naughty slut......your pussy is so hot you nasty bitch.....i;m gonna fuck it until you cant stand it body was in spasms now and the massive orgasm burst from inside of me...I watched as my sweet juices shot out of me into her mouth...licking and fucking me harder and faster....fucking her face. I didn't want to be the only to enjoy this.

I quickly stripped of everything but my heals. She was completely undressed and laying on the floor looking up at me....her legs spread wide..inviting me to dine on her sweet sticky mound. I started up top but she was way too horny to wait for the adventure to her already throbbing pussy. She pushed me between her legs and lifted her legs into the air...She smelled wonderful and tasted even better. I lapped at her pussy wildy as she grabbed my head forcing my entire face inside of her....her body trembled....Ohhhhh naughty bitch...make my cunt cum baby...take my juices in your mouth.....suck me off tongue lapping inside of her widely....on her clit....sucking it hard....harder....her pussy was so face was covered in her juices and the familiar feeling came over me again. I needed to come. As she lay there fucking my face tonuge all over here pussy...I masturbated. My clit was so swollen and pussy dripping.

I knew she was ready. Her hips pumped into my face madly....Ooooooohhhhhhhh goooooodddddddd...I IMMMMMMM...cominnnnnngggggggg.....her body jerked widely....she screamed and spasmed with every stroke of my tongue...after a few minutes she sat up and kissed me....She layed back and told me to do the same. Positioning our legs so that we straddled each other at the pussy....I couldn't believe this was happening...the sensation was pure ecstacy...we began pumping into each others wet pussys...maoning a load....with each pump and thrust the feeling of another orgasm was about to pour out of me.....the sound of our soaking wet pussy made me even more excited....

I grinded into her as hard as I could...leaning over...sticking my finger deep into her asshole...her body wrenched in delight...she did the same to me....Damn, her fingers in my ass felt hot....Ohhhhhhh goooddddddddd...we screamed out load...this was it....our orgasms hit at after another....fucking each other harder with each and every orgasm.....screaming each others name...fingers each others asshole....this went on until the orgasms became so intense that we both passed out. I don't know how long it had been but I woke up and Sarah was over me....smiling looking deep into my eyes...

I've ran the bath for us lover, she said with excitement burning in her eyes once again. I stood up and she led us into the bathroom. I stood there and kissed her...we kissed hard and passionately. I knew what she wanted and she got it. We mad love, we fucked and sucked the day away. We never told our husband about our adventures but to this day we fuck each other until our hearts content.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fantastic party

It’s the night of the party. I’m a little nervous as I won’t know a lot of the people there. I put on my knickers and bra, a tight t-shirt with a long skirt to the ankles and a nice cardigan. I dress purely for my own benefit, as I am without a boyfriend at the moment.

I walk to the party with a friend. We talk about who will be there, which men are attractive, who’s single and such things. We arrive at the house for the party. We are a little late so a lot of the people are already there. My friend goes off with her other mates, and I’m left watching the party from the sidelines as usual. I don’t mind watching everyone else I’m not good at socialising anyway. I see you across the room talking to your mates. I had not realised you would be there. I have had the hots for you for a long time, but have never been bold enough to tell you, I have fantasised many times about being with you. I watch you for most of the evening.

I had finally found the toilet and relieved myself in time. Just as I’m finishing I hear the door handle turn and realise with horror that in my haste to use the loo I forgot to lock the door. You enter the bathroom and lock the door before you notice me. My heart skips a beat; I am now locked in a bathroom with my secret crush. ‘Sorry,’ I stutter as I stand and cover myself, ‘I forgot to lock the door.’ ‘I noticed that,’ you reply with a smile. I feel my face redden slightly as I head for the door, in my embarrassment forgetting that my knickers are still round my ankles and falling flat on my face. You help me to my feet, but don’t turn away as I pull up my knickers. Then I notice that you are starting to get aroused. I smile at sight, then our eyes meet and I see in your face a look of desire that I have, for a long time, longed to see looking back at me. We step closer to each other then embrace in a kiss.

I kiss your mouth, exploring it with my tongue, allowing you to explore mine. I take your hand and place it on my breast, inviting you to caress me. I loosen your trousers and slip my hand down the back of your undies, stoking and caressing your buttocks. After a while I find your growing bulge and release it from its place. I start to explore the hardening bulk, causing it to rise further. I break from the kiss and get on my knees, hardly daring to believe this was really happening. I start licking your shaft with my wet tongue, slowly moving my tongue up and down the length of you. Then I explore your head with my tongue as I take the shaft in one hand. I start slowly moving my hand up and down the shaft as my lips close round the head. Mouth and hand stroke in unison as I start to suck.

I pull away before you come and stand to kiss your mouth, but you lift my t-shirt and bra and start exploring my naked breasts with your mouth, your tongue teasing my nipples as they harden with delight. As your mouth excites my breasts you take my underwear off again and slide my skirt to the floor. You outline my slit with a finger moving it slowly inside until your finger is totally immersed in me. Then you start moving the finger in and out, raising my level of excitement again. You then insert a second finger, still moving them in and out, but increasing the pace. All the while you’re still caressing my breasts with your mouth. As I get closer to climax you pull your fingers out. You then start teasing me with your erection. You stroke the outside of my pussy with the tip of your cock, purposely catching my clit and making me ache to feel you inside me. Eventually you slide yourself in, causing me to moan at the feel of you. You slide yourself in and out, both of us breathing heavy. I moan as loudly as I dare as I feel your large bulk pumping inside me. You finally bring me to climax and I scream with the pleasure of it as we both come. We stand there embraced in a passionate kiss with the electricity of orgasm still flowing through me.

I dress myself again as you use the toilet. We head back downstairs arm in arm. We find drinks and I sit in the only available chair, as you perch on the arm. ‘That was incredible,’ I whisper, smiling. You reply, ‘Aren’t you glad you forgot to lock the door?’ As you put your glass on the side, you overbalance and fall into my lap. I gaze down into your face as you laugh. We draw together in another kiss, and I feel myself getting aroused again at the memory of what just happened in the toilet. I whisper, ‘You know, I could do with a lie down on someone’s bed for a while.’ You reply, “I think you might need a hand up the stairs,” and we head up together with your arm around my waist.

You guide me to a room and I sit on the bed. You sit next to me and we draw together in another passionate kiss. You need no inviting this time and start fondling my breasts. After a while you push me gently so I’m lying on the bed. You lift my t-shirt and bra and start kissing my breasts. I gasp with pleasure and find your crotch with my hand, stroking your bulge. As you get bigger and harder I unzip your trousers and pull him out.

Then I take you in my hand and start stroking you as you continue to fondle my breasts with your mouth. You stop kissing and sit up again, so I take the opportunity to push you on your back, before removing your trousers and pants and my knickers. Then I lie on your chest, take you in my mouth and start sucking. You find my clit with your tongue and at the same time insert two fingers into me. I gasp and moan with the pleasure it brings. I continue to suck you as you slide your fingers around inside me with increasing pace. I take my mouth off you, just long enough to gasp, ‘Use a third finger,’ before continuing to savour your large, hard cock. You oblige. As you send me into orgasm I release my mouth from round you and scream with delight of it. When the orgasm has subsided slightly, you slide your fingers out.

I then turn round and sit on your erection, aware that you have not come yet and wanting to feel you pumping your load inside me again. I sit up, moving my whole body up and down, feeling another climax approaching. I throw my head back, arching my back and scream my delight as I orgasm again. This time I feel the wonderful, warm sensation of your load being pumped deep inside me. As the orgasm subsides again I collapse on the bed next you and embrace you in another loving kiss, hardly able to believe that my fantasies were finally coming true.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

behind the desk

I work for a company that offers technical support for telecommunications and internet. I am one of the many that answer people's question on the phone. I share my office with another woman, a bit younger than me. Our desks are one opposite the other so I have view of her for more than 8hours per day. She has a nice body, she wears clothes that accentuate her appearance, with wide decolletes and short skirts. I loved watching her movements while she talked on the phone or worked on the computer. Her legswere partly visible because of the desk's design, but it was enough. Sometimes I could even see the color of her panties.

And then one day - oh my - I saw her hand going in between her legs. She seemed to touch herself above the fabric of her panties. I tried not to show that I was watching. I think she was sure I wasn't aware of what she was doing. She made some movements as if she rubbed her 'thing, but then she stopped. That night I masturbated with that thought, with the image of her touching herself behind the desk, thinking that I wasn't watching.

The next day, every time she made a move, I thought she was about to touch herself again. I wanted so badly to see her doing this... But she didn't .It wasn't until the following week, that I caught her touching herself in between her legs again. This time her hand stayed there a little longer. I had a hard time pretending I wasn't watching, but I'm sure she believed I was unaware. I was so disappointed when she stopped... I wondered if she would do more if she was alone in the room...
The next day, when I realized she was touching herself again, I decided I'd leave her alone with the pretence of going to the ladies room. As soon as I closed the door of the bathroom, which was right by my desk - so it had view of my co-worker's office - I kneeled and watched her from the keyhole. I was right! I could see her hand moving inside her panties now as she fully opened her legs. After a while she actually used her other hand to push her panties aside so she could make bigger movements, and her pussy became visible. And was that a sweet pussy! Cleanly shaven and pink, I just wanted to eat it! I realized I had got wet and really needed to release this tension that built up in me from watching my co-worker masturbate, so I masturbated then and there, myself, and managed to come just as I watched her body forming a curve, her hand moving in fast movements, which meant that she was reaching her own orgasm.

When I got ready to go outside and made sure she was ready, too, I entered the room and we continued our work as if nothing had happened, as she couldn't even imagine I had watched her masturbate. After that incident I thought of another 'game'; I started wearing short skirts, and I begun touching myself behind my desk, too. I knew she could see what I was doing if she wanted to. The third day of 'my game', I caught her attention. Like me, she pretended she didn't see that I was touching myself, but she was brave enough to touch herself watching me (or stupid enough to think I didn't see her...). That went on for just a few minutes and when I stopped, she stopped too.

The next day, I knew I had her attention. I could she her eyes often looking down my desk, at my legs. So, when I felt ready, I brought my hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I deliberately wasn't wearing panties that day. I don't think she could see that yet as I hadn't opened my legs enough. As expected she started touching herself too. When I decided it was time, I slowly opened my legs to reveal my own freshly shaven pussy. She gasped at first but then muffled her amazement. We continued as we were, both pretending we didn't noticed each other. As I spread my pussylips with my fingers, she took the step to reveal her pussy, too. With one hand she held her panties aside and with the other she was slowly massaging her clit, her eyes fixed on my spread pussy...

Why don't you take your panties off, I decided to ask. It will be easier...She was startled but she followed my advice as if in a trance. I stood up, walked to the door and locked it, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises. Then I walked over to her. She had taken off her panties and she went on rubbing her clit. As I stood beside her I lifted my skirt to show her my dripping pussy. Wanna have a lick? I asked her, but actually my voice had a commanding tone.
I sat on her desk in front of her and opened my legs wide. Her face moved close to my pussy, so close I could feel her breath, and then she had her first lick. She continued licking and lapping while she finger-fucked herself. Don't worry, I'll make you come after you make me, I told her as I unbuttoned my shirt and revealed my breast. She obeyed my will and stopped playing with her pussy. In stead she started fondling my breast while still eating me. Fuck my ass, I told her. I want to feel your fingers in my asshole.

She was good. She put two fingers of one hand in my ass and with her thumb she rubbed my pussylips, while her mouth was sucking my clit. I came hard...Lick your fingers and undress, I said still out of breath from my orgasm. Then, I sat beside her and finger-fucked her to her own orgasm. After that day, whenever there was not much work, we masturbated together in our seats, watching each others exposed pussy under the desk. Going to work became a daily pleasure.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

more than just a massage

A few months ago, for my birthday, my roommate got me a gift card for a free, hour-long full body massage from a local spa. She handed it to me in a pink envelope, which read Happy Birthday Courtney. I thanked her for the gift but never actually thought I’d use it. But eventually the stresses of college grades and work finally caught up to me and I decided it would do me some good. When I called, some guy with an accent scheduled my appointment for 10:30am the next morning and asked me for the address. At first I was confused but was informed that rather than me going to the spa, the masseuse would come to my house. I woke up the next morning around 9 o’clock. My roommate had already left for work and I was all to myself. After I ate breakfast and took a shower I sat on my bed and painted my toenails while waiting for the masseuse to arrive. I wondered if it would be the guy on the phone. He sounded like he was attractive. Finally at about 10:45 the doorbell rang and I quickly got up to answer it hoping the guy who would soon have his hands all over my body, was someone I wouldn’t mind being touched by. But to my surprise I opened the door to a female. Hello, my name is Jana. She said. I’m here for the 10:30 appointment. She was probably about late twenty’s maybe thirty , with shoulder-length brown hair and smooth tan complexion.

She wore a black skirt a few inches above the her knees, and a blue sleeveless , v-neck top. I apologize for being late. She said as I invited her inside. I had trouble finding the address. We went on to my room where she handed me a towel and told me to undress and make my self comfortable on the bed. Then she left the room. Oh well, I thought to myself. If it had been a guy he probably would have been gay and overly-professional. I took off the shirt I was wearing and tossed it on the bed, then pulled off my pajama shorts and did the same. With no panties underneath I was completely naked. I had never had a professional massage before. I didn’t know if I was to be completely nude or not. Oh well. I thought. That’s what the towel is for.

I laid face down across the foot of the bed and covered myself with the towel. When she returned she was carrying a large hand bag from which she set out many different bottles of lotions and oils. She poured a hand full of massage oil and began with my neck and shoulders. I was instantly relaxed by her touch. I closed my eyes and let out a relaxing sigh. She was very good at her job. After giving a considerable amount of attention to my shoulders she continued slowly downward, to my sides and lower back. Then seeming to ignore the towel that was over my butt, she slid her hands underneath it firmly massaging my ass. I didn’t mind though it felt good. After a moment she pulled the towel away and tossed it on the bed beside me.Those things just get in the way. She said. Keeps me from doing my job. She slid her warm oily hands down between my thighs. I felt the edge of her fingers briefly brush my clit. I tensed up a little and gave a short, almost silent gasp. Oh, I see your a little sensitive there.

She said continuing down to the bends of my knees. No. I said relaxing again. Just slightly ticklish. She gave a subtle laugh as she gently bent my leg to massage my ankles and feet. I wonder if she realized what she had done. I wonder if she meant to. It felt good and I wondered if she’d do it again. She applied more oil to my feet as she carefully massaged my soles and between each of my toes. Then she worked her way back up the inside of my legs until she reached the same spot as before. And again I felt the edge of her fingers brush against my pussy. I slightly parted my thighs giving her hands more room to work but she didn’t seem to notice as she moved upward eventually back to my shoulders.Okay, you can turn over now. She said as she walked over to table where the lotions sat. There I was now face up bare breasted.

My nipples were a bit stiff from the cool air. I raised my head and looked down to see my bare pubic mound and pussy lips peeking out between my thighs. I felt a little on display, but also a little turned on as well. She looked through her handbag for a moment and then returned standing over my head. She started rubbing my temples then down over my neck and chest. She applied oil to my breast and began massaging them softly at first then increased the pressure little by little. She seemed to be focusing on my nipples, which was arousing me even more than her faint encounter between my legs. I began breathing heavier as my nipples grew harder. I closed my eyes and pushed my chest up harder into her hands. I guess she caught on because she started pinching my nipples. Then I felt her shirt sweep over my face just before her mouth met my breast. Her warm tongue circled around my swollen areola and I felt her hand slide down over my stomach and between my legs. Her oily fingers found my clit and gently stroked it before slipping down inside me. I was already wet and welcomed her penetrating touch. I moaned loudly as her finger slid between my nether lips and deep inside and I moaned again when she added a another finger. My muscles tightened around her fingers as she slowly pushed them in and out. Her mouth moved from one nipple to the other, back and forth ,nibbling, sucking and licking. As she leaned over me her large breasts brushed against my face. My arms were already over my head and I reached out and squeezed them.

They were definitely real. I could feel her hard nipples stretching out through the fabric.She slipped her finger out of me and slowly rubbed her hand back up over my stomach and between my tits. She stuck the two fingers into her mouth and sucked my juices from them. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste. She got up and walked around where she kneeled down between my parted legs. She gave slow, gentle, licks and kisses up my inner thighs where her hot mouth eventually met my clit. I moaned as she sucked it and tongued it. I spread my legs further apart and tweaked my nipples while her tongue explored my slit.

She inserted her fingers in my pussy again. I pulled my knees up to my chest allowing her to push deeper inside me. My legs began to tremble as she licked harder and faster. Her fingers probed my g-spot and I could feel the orgasm rising in me. My whole body tensed up and I grinded my pussy against her fingers and mouth. She sucked my clit tight into her lips and vigorously flicked her tongue over it. Her fingers pumped in and out of my wet cunt and finally I released it. My body convulsed, my voice shook in half screams and went silent at times when I couldn’t seem to make noise. I gripped the blanket in my fists and held it for the duration of my seemingly endless climax. Her tongue traveled upward and met with my tits again.

She nibbled each of my little pink buttons sending waves electricity through my still quivering body. She pulled her finger from my pussy and held it to my lips so I could taste myself.Do you like that? She asked. Want to taste me? I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded yes as she pulled up her skirt exposing her neatly trimmed, dripping wet snatch. She laid down and I got on all fours and buried my face in it sucking up her sweet nectar. She grabbed my head and grinded against my nose. Her pussy smelled and tasted so good. Finger fuck me. She demanded. I slid my middle finger inside her gap while tongue tickling her throbbing clit. She got wetter and wetter and the more she dripped the more I drank. My free hand explored upward to find her soft full breasts. Her areolas and nipples were huge and very stiff. I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing my face hard into her cunt. For a moment I pulled my finger out of her so I could replace it with my tongue. I wanted to taste more of her. I used my fingers to spread her lips open and my tongue darted in and out of her sweet hole. Then I drove it in as deep and I could. I wiggled it around inside her getting a good taste of her pussy. She grinded and bucked her hips as my tongue slithered around inside her. I’m gonna cum! she screamed. My mouth went into a frenzy. I licked and sucked and stuffed two fingers in her wet love hole. I could feel her muscles tighten around them as she came.After she caught her breath she looked at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed. Our time was just about up. Nevertheless she took a pink dildo from her bag and had me get on all fours then stuffed it in my gash.

Her fingers worked my clit as she gave me a good, hard fucking. Within minutes I was cumming for the second time. She pulled her skirt down and straightened her top. All I could do was lie there on the bed in post-orgasmic delight, as she gathered her things back into the bag. It had been well over an hour now but rather than charging me for the extra time she handed me another free card signed Jana at the bottom. She kissed me softly and I could still taste my pussy on her lips. When you call, ask for me by name. She said.

its been too long

You call and to make sure I am home and still want you to drop over. What a silly thought; of course I want you here with me. After we hang up, I spend the next few minutes making sure that wine glasses are out and everything is ready.

When you walk in, you hold me close for a few moments. I so enjoy the feeling of you body against mine. You know how bad I am at opening wine bottles, so you open it and let it breathe. We end up on the couch, just talking. I want to know what is going on with YOU. Not with work, not with anything but YOU. We hold hands and talk. Finally you decide the wine is ready to drink. As we both take the first sip, I step up to you and kiss you deeply. You grin and tell me it must be really good wine. I suggest that we sit someplace because I am growing dizzy from your kisses. We go back to my couch and sip at the wine. Well, you sip. I have put my glass down and have crawled up your body (since you are more lying on the couch than sitting) to begin kissing you greedily over and over. You kiss me back and reach inside my shirt to find my heavy breasts. We both know how much you love holding and kissing and licking and sucking them. MMMMM, your touch excites me so much. You are the one that suggests we move to someplace a little more private as the front door is still open.

You take my glass from me. You sit on the bed and pull me against you. I'm just the right height that your head fits between my breasts. Within moments I begin taking off my shirt and bra. You gasp slightly as you gaze at my breasts before beginning to suck long and hard on one. When your hands begin to tug at my pants, I pull away to finish stripping. You also strip. Since I'm done first, I get to enjoy watching your body emerge from your clothing. You are so hard! Your cock is sticking up and out and looks so inviting.

Looks like someone is happy to see me. I kid you. All of me is happy to see you. I've been hard since I left work, is your reply. I end up on top of you as we collapse on the bed. I capture your cock with my hand and begin guiding you to my very wet pussy. I give an OHHH of surprise as your cock enters me. I am always surprised by how big and wonderful you feel as you enter me. Being on top is so good for me. I can set the pace as I want it, teasing you sometimes when I don't go as quickly as you'd like. I slide back a little bit so your cock is rubbing against my clit as you move in and out. And I cum hard while your cock is rubbing my clit. I can feel my juice lubricate you totally.

Your hands finally move to my hips to hold me still. "I don't want to cum, yet," you tell me. I pause in my movements, waiting for you. You push one leg out from under me and roll us over so you are on top - without losing that wonderful contact between us. Now it's your turn. You start slowly but build up quickly this time.

Do you like having your cock in my pussy? I ask. Yes, you have such a beautiful pussy, you answer. I need to cum in it. You begin to pound me. Hard and hot and fast. And, as always, I feel your hot cum filling me. I cum with you and can feel our combined juices overflowing my cunt and spilling onto my bed. You cum so hard, it feels like gallons. You are not usually as noisy as you are this time. It must have been a while since you were able to cum like that. You collapse on top of me, relaxing and letting both of our breathing return to closer to normal. My arms and legs wrap around you, keeping you inside me and on me. I think you doze off for a few seconds. Just enough to catch your breath. The sweat between our bodies makes both of us slick.
As you roll off, we both sip at our wine and just enjoy the post-sex feelings. I can't believe how much I still want you. So, I slide down your body, kissing your chest, your ribs, your stomach, your hips. You watch me, enjoying it. When I get to your cock, I begin licking it. The mixed taste of both of us is great. Your cock fits totally in my mouth right now. Do you really think you can get me hard so quickly? you ask. I just wink at you and keep licking and sucking. Oh, yes. You are getting bigger and harder. I look at you, your eyes are closed and I can tell how much you are enjoying this. Your mouth is so hot, you tell me. I squeeze your balls lightly as I lick and suck you to hardness again. Finally you pull me up towards you and put both us on our sides. You slide your cock inside my pussy, my leg over yours. We fuck slowly, enjoying each other more this time. I know what you want, though.

Do you want me on my knees? I ask. You don't say anything, but immediately begin shifting positions. I'm on my hands and knees now. You lean forward to play with my breasts as your cock moves so deeply inside me. I can't help it, I keep moaning with each thrust. I surprise you when I reach between my legs and capture your balls in my hand as you fuck me. I can hear your groan as I squeeze them. You are loving that. Finally, you can't take it any more and begin to fill me again. I begin cumming when I feel you shooting inside me. At last you push my body down and lay on it, your cock still captured in my pussy, and now also between my legs.
Again, our bodies finally move apart and I end up holding you and very lightly scratching your back. I know how much you love that. As I do so, I also know that I am going to put you to sleep. Yes, you finally go to sleep against me, your arm pulling me against you even in your sleep. I continue caressing your skin, memorizing how it feels against my fingertips.

You finally stir and kiss me slowly before rolling apart to get more wine for yourself. We lay together, your arm pulling me against you, mine across your chest as we talk. This time we talk about our relationship. You are grateful that I don't push you for more. I tell you that early on, I did want more. That I fantasized about waking up next to you every morning. You are quiet for a few moments. And then you tell me that relationships are complicated. I know you are talking about your (very difficult) marriage. I tell you that I'm not going to ask for more than you can give me - ever.

You pull me even closer and kiss me. We slowly move positions so that you are at my back, your arms around me. I can feel you kissing my neck as one hand moves to my breast to cup it. The other strokes my very shaved and wet pussy. We talk about me shaving, how I do it. You tell me that you want to watch me pleasure myself. When I ask you why, you tell me that you want to know how to give me pleasure. I tell you that I'll be glad to do that for you, but that you don't need any lessons, that you totally and completely please me. I can hear you chuckle ... you know you please me.

I can feel you getting hard again against my ass. I reach back to stroke you slowly. I love feeling your cock grow in my hand. You push your leg between mine. My leg goes over yours as you slide your cock into my pussy - again. I move around a little bit so there is better access. You are stroking in and out. Finally your cock slides out of my pussy and moves to stroking between my ass cheeks. The only lubrication we are using is from my wet pussy. I move back against you and take your cock in my hand. There are no words spoken as I flex my ass to help you. You begin pushing against my little ass hole. We both work at it for a couple of minutes before your cock head begins to enter me. OHHHH, that feels amazing. You go so slowly, so as not to hurt me.

Does that feel good? Do you like fucking my ass? All you do is groan and tell me how tight I am and how wonderful it feels. I am surprised by how much I enjoy having your cock in my ass. You begin to pump a little faster and I know you are excited by what you are doing to me. I clench my ass around your cock and you groan deeply as you burying your cock deep inside my ass. I feel your body tensing against mine as you cum again. Not as much, not as long, but you cum for your third time inside my willing body.

When you finally pull out, we lay there with you cradling me in your arms. You ask me if I enjoyed that. I tell you I did. You whisper that you didn't want to hurt me - that you never want to hurt me. I replly by telling you that you didn't hurt me and I am not worried about it. I am holding your flaccid, wet cock in my hand as we cuddle. Finally, you groan and roll away, needing to shower, dress and leave. I hate having you go, but know that you must.
As I walk you to my door and we kiss deeply again, you tell me that you aren't going to wait so long before returning to me. I just smile and tell you I'll be here for you.



Emily had just bought the blouse the day before when she had decided to return it today. No way was this blouse going to do anything for her tonight with Robert. She had to look extra special. Tonight may be the night that he popped the question. Emily smiled at the thought, butterflies invading her stomach.She looked to the head of the line of the Return Item Section. The fat woman was still in front arguing with the clerk. One could see the frustration on the clerk’s face. It was going to be a long wait. Emily was sixth in line.

She decided to survey the rest of the store from the line. It was the only thing she could do. She looked towards the racks with the blouses. Maybe, she would see one that she could exchange this one for. Suddenly, she stopped at the brunette who was also looking through the rack. She had no idea why this woman had arrested her attention. Besides she being tall, slender, sexy and gorgeous she could not explain it. The woman was wearing a short red dress which wrapped around her body so sensuously. Her breasts were barely covered as the top buttons were loose. The woman pulled out a blouse and immediately turned toward the full length mirror that was behind her. She simulated what she would look like in the blouse. However, her eyes darted to Emily’s.Emily turned away, not noticing the smile on the woman’s face. Emily was caught and she knew it.

Damn! she whispered. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, coupled by the arousing of her clit…and she knew it had nothing to do with Robert. She slowly turned to the woman, who was still looking at her own blouse. Emily felt a little more comfortable staring. Her eyes surveyed the long slender legs of the woman and did not notice that she was caught yet again. The woman deliberately dropped her blouse and bent over to retrieve, not bending her legs. Her dress rode up her legs but she made no effort to pull it back down. She stood up, allowing the bottom tip of her red panty to remain exposed.Emily swallowed hard and watched around to see who else had caught the action. No one else was paying any attention to them. Suddenly, the woman turned to pick out another blouse from the rack, momentarily allowing Emily to view her panty from the front. She then turned around and slowly moved her finger from her crotch area, to her flat stomach, between her breasts and then into her mouth, slowly pulling the wet, slippery digit and dipping it into her blouse again.

Emily wanted to taste the wet trail that her finger made from her mouth to her breasts. The woman then smiled and walked to the back of the lonely store where she entered a dressing room.Emily’s heart skipped a beat as she saw that the dressing room door remained slightly ajar. She looked to the top of the line. The fat woman was still arguing with the clerk.This was a waste of time, she told herself and casually stepped out of line and waded to the back of the store. She was not sure what she was going to do. Emily was tall, slim and sexy but never considered herself as fit as she should be. She just passed the door and took a quick peek. However, the woman caught her… or was she waiting for her?The woman was clad only in her bra and panty. Emily gaped as the woman performed a sexy, simulated striptease for her, licking her own finger and groping her own breasts. However, Emily could not stand it anymore when the woman inserted her hand into her own panty.

Emily eyed around, saw no one and entered the room. She locked the door. The woman looked surprise at such a drastic move. You should not tease if you do not mean it, Emily said, softly and sweetly.The woman advanced to her and pushed her lightly against the wall and brought her lips as close as possible to Emily’s lips without touching them. Emily could smell the hypnotic perfume from the woman. I always mean it! What’s your name?Emily, she said, nervously.Erotic! I’m Kimberly. You ever fucked a woman before?Yes, she stammered. Years ago in University. You reminded me of her. You are so beautiful.You are too. Then Kimberly kissed her passionately, their tongues wrapping around each other. They were intoxicated with passion as their tongues explored each other. Emily dropped her bag with her blouse and immediately groped into Kimberly’s breasts, tightening the bra.

The insertion of Kimberly’s hand into Emily’s jeans made her moan and Emily quickly unhooked her new playmate’s bra, revealing her pointed, round silky breasts. She dipped her head and savoured the sexiness of those breasts. The nipples pointed at her begging to be sucked. She sucked them, nibbling on them and arousing herself with the soft screams of Kimberly, tearing off her panty.Kimberly loved to play wild. She knelt down and tore off Emily’s jeans as Emily took off her own blouse. Her shaved pussy smelt so great, Kimberly thought. The two women were naked now and Kimberly spread the lips of Emily’s pussy and inserted her tongue. The sudden change melted Emily. She had not felt such erotic force since University. It brought back so many memories. She passed her hands wildly into Kimberly’s hair, moaning a little louder not able to help herself. Kimberly was so intoxicated by her moans and juices that she welcomed the loud moaning. Emily dropped on the floor as Kimberly adjusted herself to keep her mouth on her new lover’s pussy.

Emily gyrated her hips, her eyes going back into her eyes as she knew she was about to explode. Suddenly, her juices squirted unto Kimberly. Kimberly expertly catching all and swallowing. Emily moaned out, not caring who was listening. She wanted more.More!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.Kimberly licked her some more but then climbed unto her and turned for a 69. Emily welcomed it as she sucked on Kimberly’s cunt. The smell of perfume emanated from inside her cunt as she inserted her finger and licked her clit at the same time. It was Kimberly’s turn to scream out as her orgasm came a few minutes after. Emily then joined her partner in screaming as another orgasm reaped its head from the inner regions of the women.

The women suddenly sat up as if reading each other’s minds and hugged, wrapping their legs around each other and jamming their pussies for more rubbing. They kissed hard, not sparing each other. Their breast jammed into each other, knocking hard as they were both hard and erected. They bit each other’s lips and smiled when one would yelp a little louder than usual.Their gyrations started slowly but then picked up pace as they felt their orgasms rushing to the surface. Kimberly was a little more easy to cum. She screamed first prompting Emily to become more turned on and releasing her cum.The wetness of their pussies soaked into each other as they welcomed the soft kissing. Kimberly laid back, her blouses that she had not really intended to buy soaked with juices. They were acting as blankets now. Emily laid on top of Kimberly and kissed her breasts slowly, rising to her neck as her friend just soaked it all in.
Then Kimberly rose and prompted Emily to get on all fours. Though Emily was confused she still obeyed and then almost giggled when she felt Kimberly sucking her asshole. The feeling was strangely erotic and she welcomed it, pushing her orgasm to be released by masturbating herself. Kimberly grabbed on to her ass as she sucked furiously. She then lowered herself to suck on the inner thigh, not interrupting Emily’s own masturbation. Kimberly then felt Emily stick her finger into her ass, prompting her to suck more. The two women were so familiar with anal sex with their male partners that they enjoyed the orgasms induced from the smaller fingers rather than the huge dicks.The two women then kissed lightly, their tongues wrapping around each other.I should get your number? Kimberly whispered.

Here, Emily replied. She pulled out a piece of paper and pen from her handbag. Take my number, email, home address and chat number as well. I’ll fuck you anytime you call, darling.You free tomorrow night?


The morning sunlight streamed through the glass panes, casting dapples of brightness throughout the bedroom. I stretched languidly underneath the warm covers before turning over to snuggle up against my love. Throwing my arm over her, I spooned against her and reveled in the heat radiating from her skin. I loved lying like this, both of us naked, flesh pressed against flesh, my breasts against her back. Her chest rose and fell rhythmically as her even breathing told me she was still asleep. Rising up on my elbow, I looked down at her. Strands of auburn hair cascaded across her face, obscuring it from view. I pulled them aside, revealing her beauty. Full, thick lashes kissed the bottom eyelids, and her rosy lips were slightly parted. Letting my lips touch the flesh of her creamy shoulder, I kissed her softly. I pulled the covers back to expose her sexy body, the curve of her hips as they rose from her waist and the supple length of her legs. Running my fingers over her skin, I trailed down her arm to her hip. With my palm flat, I glided over the swell to her ass and rubbed the soft cheeks. She stirred slightly as my fingers caressed her. Rolling a bit forward, she threw her leg over the other, extending her knee. The movement bared her sweet pussy to my view. My fingers shifted south to brush across the puffy lips of her outer labia. Though not fully awake, she moaned at the touch. I slid between her lips and marveled at how she could be so wet. I wondered what her dreams had been made of.She rocked against me as I ran my fingers over her slit, rubbing the juices against her soft folds. When I pushed one inside her slick heat, she moaned again, and her eyes opened. Good morning, I whispered.Mmm, what are you doing? You have to ask? I said as my finger slipped in and out of her wetness.You know I have a meeting this morning, she protested.You've got time. I woke up early. I withdrew my finger, and she rolled onto her back, her heavy breasts falling slightly to each side with gravity. Clambering over her body, I bent and ran my tongue over a puckered, pink areola. When I sucked the nipple between my lips, her back arched, and a whimper of need spilled from her lips. As I eagerly licked and suckled her breast, I slipped my hand between our bodies and resumed the fucking of her pussy with two fingers. Her fingers slid into my short hair and held my head against her as I lashed my tongue over her peak. Her hips pumped, driving her pussy onto my fingers. Her breathing grew ragged, and I knew she was soaring towards an orgasm.Wait, I said as I pulled my fingers from her.She moaned in protest as they slid from the throbbing heat of her pussy. Moving partially off her, I leaned across the bed and reached for the nightstand drawer. I want to fuck you, I breathed in her ear after I'd removed our favorite toy from the nightstand and once again covered her body with my own. Oh yes, she groaned as she noticed the strap-on in my hand. Rising onto my knees, I put on the harness, pushing the knobby end of the toy on the interior inside me, moaning as the plug stretched my pussy around it. I pressed her thighs further apart, opening her pussy to me. Looking down, I watched as the fat head of the rubber shaft speared her. The pink lips of her cunt enveloped the toy as I plunged into her.She lifted her pelvis to meet my thrust and reached up to pull me down onto her. Our tongues danced together as I lost myself in her. My hips pumped with a will of their own as I buried the toy into my lover's pussy. With each stroke, I felt the interior plug move inside me, rubbing against my g-spot.Her fingers dug into my hips as she held onto me. Tucking my chin, I bent to her breasts, running my tongue over them. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, letting my teeth grazed over the turgid peak. She bucked hard against me as the pleasure of my touch rippled through her. I thrust faster, plunging the strap-on deep into her pussy as my own pleasure grew.Her hands found my nipples and tweaked them, and a rush of heat sliced through my body. Each time I lashed against hers with my tongue, she pinched or twisted mine. Our bodies moved together in heated lust, each of us driving towards release. I could hear the toy sliding wetly in and out of her pussy as my hips pumped feverishly. I could feel it coming like you feel the vibrations of a train on its tracks before its arrival. My fingers dug into the sheets, and I grunted with exertion as I slammed the toy in and out of her pussy. She stiffened beneath me, and I knew I could finally let go. Our cries echoed through the room as we were overcome with pleasure. Her fingers tightened over my nipples, adding to the ecstasy of my orgasm. I kept fucking her with the toy until her cries quieted, and then I collapsed on top of her. That was a hell of a way to wake up, she said once she'd caught her breath. How about we do that again real soon? Oh I plan to.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two Females met in a Bar

Sitting in my usual spot at the bar, sipping from my drink, I canvassed my surroundings as I did every time I came here. The club was really the only place for women, making every weekend a colorful and intriguing experience to the eyes. Akin to a hole in the wall the bar itself held only ten or so stools, and there was a smattering of small tables and a couple booths across the floor. Accompanying those was a pool table in the far corner and a small patch of wood acting as a dance floor, nestled against a mirror covered wall. My seat was at the frontside of the bar, so my back faced the dance floor, but I had a clear view of it via the mirror on the other side. The thump-thump of heavy bass cascaded from the DJ's booth, but for the time being the floor remained empty. The night was still early, though....

By the time I was halfway through my second drink, a more impressive deluge of women had gathered. Most of them were regulars, several of which stopped to chat with me and catch up on the week. Each week, though, there were usually a few women I hadn't noticed before, and some I had never seen more than once...leading me to believe they were tourists passing through the city and wanting to check out the local haunts. This night proved to be no different. Turned on my stool, facing the crowd, I talked with a friend standing close to me so we could better hear one another over the music. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a small bunch of women enter, about five total. As they paid the cover charge and got their hands stamped, I had already deduced these women had never been here before. Still chatting with my friend, I sipped from my beverage and watched as the group filed past me in a single line through the throngs of mingling people. The woman bringing up the end of the line especially caught my attention. I tuned out my friend and watched intently as she looked around, taking in her surroundings while following her friends deeper into the club.

You were average in height, my guess being about five feet three inches. Your hair flowed down a couple inches past your shoulders, a luscious brown with a very slight reddish tint in some places and framed your face in such a way that I immediately imagined taking my hands to push the strands back and expose your jawline... So lost was I in this little fantasy, I didn't fully realize how close you had gotten to me until all of a sudden you bumped into my arm and my drink was knocked onto the leg of my jeans.

Mouth slightly agape, your eyes instantly widened and looked down as the liquid seeped into the fabric, and then looked up at me. At once I was lost in the deep brown depths, gazing almost eagerly as the expression on your face changed from one of shock to embarrassment to one of apology. Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry! you exclaimed. Your accent had a southerntinge to it, and sounded almost musical. I couldn't acknowledge your apology right away. I was too bewitched by your mouth. The fullness of your lower lip tantalized me. All I could think was that you were the perfect height for me to lean forward the short distance and kiss you.

Pulling myself from my reverie enough to respond, I managed to say, Don't worry, darlin... the glass was almost empty. I looked at you and grinned in an attempt to convince you I really wasn't bothered then angled around to reach for some napkins at the ledge of the bar. You apparently had the same thought and stretched past me for them as well, our hands brushed against one another as they reached the pile at the same moment. Our touch seemed to linger just slightly...or, it could have been your sweet scent filling my nostrils and intoxicating my imagination. Napkin finally in my hand, I turned back to dab at my jeans. You remained close to me, though, and I looked up to gaze into those beautiful eyes once again. I openly studied your face, taking in your delicate features. As beautiful as you were, I immediately got the sense there was something else there. A hidden depth that wasn't so...innocent.

I waited, but I wasn't sure for what, exactly. Softly clearing your throat, you held my gaze and said, I should atleast buy you another drink. What were you having? I grinned again and touched her arm reassuringly, Really, it's not a problem. Like I said, I was almost finished. You wouldn't accept that, though, and tried to insist. I laughed atyour determination and simply said, Ok, if you really insist, maybe you can buy me one later tonight. For now, you might want to go find your friends before they think you've ditched them. Glancing in the direction your companions headed, you nodded before gazing back at me, flashing a dazzling smile and lightly resting your fingertips on my knee, I'm not going to forget your drink, so save one on me, okay?
I just winked at you and smiled in return. I blatantly stared at your backside as you walked away, mesmerized by the sway of your hips and curve of your ass set in a pair of dark blue jeans. Warmth still lingered on my hand and leg from your touch and each breath I took still filled my nose with your perfume. I heard my friend chuckle next to me and was reminded again of her presence and that she had been witness to all that occured. We shared our amusement over the incident, but I could not dismiss how affected I felt by you. After a few moments, my friend and I parted ways with the promise of a dance later in the night, and I was facing the bar once again...looking through the array of liquor bottles into the mirror that offered the reflection of the dance floor, where a handful of women had gathered, some of them couples dancing closely, a few others grooving away to the music on their own.

I ordered a third drink and continued to watch the floor through the mirror. Between the Skyy and Absolut vodka bottles, I immediately noticed you there, dancing with a couple of the women you accompanied into the bar. My heart skipped a beat. My mouth became dry. Spellbound, I sat there and just watched. Sipping from my drink but not really feeling the warmth of the liquor coating my throat, I noticed as your friend leaned close to you, to say something over the blare of the music. You erupted with laughter at whatever she said, your face lighting up from the emotion. I instantly wished I could have heard the sound.

You stayed on the floor through a few songs, and I continued to spy on you. Your movements were sexy and sensual, confirming that not-so-innocent impression I felt earlier. I imagined myself on the floor, dancing with hands resting on your hips, pulling you against me, the fullness of our breasts brushing against one another....our heated gazes clearly conveying our thoughts. As I sat there on my stool, caught in the web of my fantasy, that all too familiar feeling coursed through my body...coming to a stop between my legs and pulsating. I could feel my juices beginning to pool as I envisioned touching you and feeling your essence cover my fingers. My sudden desire to consume you overpowered me, but what was I going to do? Take you right on the dance floor? The idea was rather enticing....

Laughing at myself, I threw back the rest of my liquor and stood up. I simply needed a minute to gather my senses, so I navigated through the crowd to the restroom. Once inside, I stood at the sink and turned on the cold water, holding my hands beneath the stream for a few moments. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I noticed both stalls were occupied and a few women made their way in and out of them as I continued to stand there, looking in the mirror but not paying attention to my reflection. I grabbed a few paper towels to dry my hands as thoughts of you still wandered through my brain. My mind was still out there with you on that dance floor....

As I crumpled the towels to toss them in the waste bin, the door opened... and you stepped in. Our gazes met through the mirror and I watched your eyes darken as your lips turned up in the slightest of smiles. As the door closed completely, you reached around and locked the bolt. My eyebrows arched in surprise. Could this be real or was this just more of my intoxicated thoughts? I turned around and leaned against the sink as you approached me. You held my stare the entire time. My heart began to race as you reached me and instantly pressed your body against mine. The contact caused the air in my lungs to expel sharply. I noticed you watching me while I was on the dance floor. Did you think watching through the mirror on the other side of the bar would afford you some privacy?

I could feel my face flood red with embarrassment. Your smile widened as you watched me look away from your heated gaze then back again several times. You didn't wait for me to answer the question before saying, Since I didn't get you that drink... Your words trailed off but your eyes clearly told me where you were going. Someone tried to open the bathroom door and knocked as they met the resistance of the lock. So, this was real, I thought to myself. I was being given a chance to devour you.... I quickly reached down to hook my hands at the backs of your thighs and lifted you, turning around to sit you on the edge of the sink. I positioned myself tightly between your legs and snaked my arms around you to draw you against my body. Reaching up, I buried my fingers in your hair and crashed my mouth to yours, heatedly thrusting my tongue into its depths. Passionate, almost desperate sounding moans filled the air, but whose moans were whose wasn't discernable.

Focusing more on your pouty mouth and that delectable lower lip, I suckled on it, biting insistently on the softness before tracing it with my tongue tip and plunging back inside. My hands slipped under your shirt and traveled the length of your back, discovering the curves of the muscle and your smooth skin. I brazenly raked my fingernails from your shoulder blades downward, causing you to groan into my mouth and move even closer to me in response. Burying my fingers in the hair at the nape of your neck, I yanked your head back, eliciting a sharp gasp from you that was music to my ears and shot straight to my core. With your throat now exposed, I swooped down and hungrily attacked the nook with my teeth, revealing just how sensitive the area was for you. Your hands found their way up my shirt to press your own fingernails into my back, prompting me to sink my teeth even deeper as a groan escaped from my throat.

I craved to explore and feast upon every part of you, but realized we weren't being given that luxury as another, more emphatic knock sounded at the door. I found the button of your pants and deftly released the opening. If nothing else, I was going to touch you before our escapade was interrupted. To my sheer delight, you weren't wearing any panties. Slipping my right hand into your jeans, my fingertips found your clit and rubbed directly over the swollen, wet nub a few times. Your body twitched in reaction. I teasingly flicked back and forth, and danced in circles, stroking eagerly... intent on bringing you to a quick but powerful climax. As I continued my attentions, I could feel your body become tense, your gasps were more fervent, your fingers kneaded into my back with urgency. My grazing persisted and you cried out as an orgasm flooded your body. But I wasn't finished. My mouth found yours in a frenzied kiss and I swallowed your subsequent moans as my hand glided down to thrust into you. I reveled in how wet I had made you as your essence covered me. Using the tips of two fingers, I raked over the ridges at the topside of your core.

Your body was still reacting to the orgasm, but you rocked your hips against me, greeting my movements and making each plunge even deeper than the previous. You broke our kiss and buried your face in my neck, your whimpers and frantic breathing echoed off my skin and into my ear. The walls of your pussy tightened as I lunged into you. I increased my speed, pushing so hard that your ass slid back a little on the sink. A few more thrusts was all it took to send you over the edge. You arched back and cried out once more, then buried your face in my neck again and promptly sunk your teeth into my skin. At that, I emitted my own cry of pleasure as a shiver raced through me.

Holding you close as your body quivered and trembled, and your breathing returned to some semblance of normal, the door to the restroom was opened. I glanced into the mirror and noticed the bartender making her way inside. With a smirk on her face, she looked at me and said, All right ladies, the fun is over...