Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two Females met in a Bar

Sitting in my usual spot at the bar, sipping from my drink, I canvassed my surroundings as I did every time I came here. The club was really the only place for women, making every weekend a colorful and intriguing experience to the eyes. Akin to a hole in the wall the bar itself held only ten or so stools, and there was a smattering of small tables and a couple booths across the floor. Accompanying those was a pool table in the far corner and a small patch of wood acting as a dance floor, nestled against a mirror covered wall. My seat was at the frontside of the bar, so my back faced the dance floor, but I had a clear view of it via the mirror on the other side. The thump-thump of heavy bass cascaded from the DJ's booth, but for the time being the floor remained empty. The night was still early, though....

By the time I was halfway through my second drink, a more impressive deluge of women had gathered. Most of them were regulars, several of which stopped to chat with me and catch up on the week. Each week, though, there were usually a few women I hadn't noticed before, and some I had never seen more than once...leading me to believe they were tourists passing through the city and wanting to check out the local haunts. This night proved to be no different. Turned on my stool, facing the crowd, I talked with a friend standing close to me so we could better hear one another over the music. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a small bunch of women enter, about five total. As they paid the cover charge and got their hands stamped, I had already deduced these women had never been here before. Still chatting with my friend, I sipped from my beverage and watched as the group filed past me in a single line through the throngs of mingling people. The woman bringing up the end of the line especially caught my attention. I tuned out my friend and watched intently as she looked around, taking in her surroundings while following her friends deeper into the club.

You were average in height, my guess being about five feet three inches. Your hair flowed down a couple inches past your shoulders, a luscious brown with a very slight reddish tint in some places and framed your face in such a way that I immediately imagined taking my hands to push the strands back and expose your jawline... So lost was I in this little fantasy, I didn't fully realize how close you had gotten to me until all of a sudden you bumped into my arm and my drink was knocked onto the leg of my jeans.

Mouth slightly agape, your eyes instantly widened and looked down as the liquid seeped into the fabric, and then looked up at me. At once I was lost in the deep brown depths, gazing almost eagerly as the expression on your face changed from one of shock to embarrassment to one of apology. Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry! you exclaimed. Your accent had a southerntinge to it, and sounded almost musical. I couldn't acknowledge your apology right away. I was too bewitched by your mouth. The fullness of your lower lip tantalized me. All I could think was that you were the perfect height for me to lean forward the short distance and kiss you.

Pulling myself from my reverie enough to respond, I managed to say, Don't worry, darlin... the glass was almost empty. I looked at you and grinned in an attempt to convince you I really wasn't bothered then angled around to reach for some napkins at the ledge of the bar. You apparently had the same thought and stretched past me for them as well, our hands brushed against one another as they reached the pile at the same moment. Our touch seemed to linger just slightly...or, it could have been your sweet scent filling my nostrils and intoxicating my imagination. Napkin finally in my hand, I turned back to dab at my jeans. You remained close to me, though, and I looked up to gaze into those beautiful eyes once again. I openly studied your face, taking in your delicate features. As beautiful as you were, I immediately got the sense there was something else there. A hidden depth that wasn't so...innocent.

I waited, but I wasn't sure for what, exactly. Softly clearing your throat, you held my gaze and said, I should atleast buy you another drink. What were you having? I grinned again and touched her arm reassuringly, Really, it's not a problem. Like I said, I was almost finished. You wouldn't accept that, though, and tried to insist. I laughed atyour determination and simply said, Ok, if you really insist, maybe you can buy me one later tonight. For now, you might want to go find your friends before they think you've ditched them. Glancing in the direction your companions headed, you nodded before gazing back at me, flashing a dazzling smile and lightly resting your fingertips on my knee, I'm not going to forget your drink, so save one on me, okay?
I just winked at you and smiled in return. I blatantly stared at your backside as you walked away, mesmerized by the sway of your hips and curve of your ass set in a pair of dark blue jeans. Warmth still lingered on my hand and leg from your touch and each breath I took still filled my nose with your perfume. I heard my friend chuckle next to me and was reminded again of her presence and that she had been witness to all that occured. We shared our amusement over the incident, but I could not dismiss how affected I felt by you. After a few moments, my friend and I parted ways with the promise of a dance later in the night, and I was facing the bar once again...looking through the array of liquor bottles into the mirror that offered the reflection of the dance floor, where a handful of women had gathered, some of them couples dancing closely, a few others grooving away to the music on their own.

I ordered a third drink and continued to watch the floor through the mirror. Between the Skyy and Absolut vodka bottles, I immediately noticed you there, dancing with a couple of the women you accompanied into the bar. My heart skipped a beat. My mouth became dry. Spellbound, I sat there and just watched. Sipping from my drink but not really feeling the warmth of the liquor coating my throat, I noticed as your friend leaned close to you, to say something over the blare of the music. You erupted with laughter at whatever she said, your face lighting up from the emotion. I instantly wished I could have heard the sound.

You stayed on the floor through a few songs, and I continued to spy on you. Your movements were sexy and sensual, confirming that not-so-innocent impression I felt earlier. I imagined myself on the floor, dancing with hands resting on your hips, pulling you against me, the fullness of our breasts brushing against one another....our heated gazes clearly conveying our thoughts. As I sat there on my stool, caught in the web of my fantasy, that all too familiar feeling coursed through my body...coming to a stop between my legs and pulsating. I could feel my juices beginning to pool as I envisioned touching you and feeling your essence cover my fingers. My sudden desire to consume you overpowered me, but what was I going to do? Take you right on the dance floor? The idea was rather enticing....

Laughing at myself, I threw back the rest of my liquor and stood up. I simply needed a minute to gather my senses, so I navigated through the crowd to the restroom. Once inside, I stood at the sink and turned on the cold water, holding my hands beneath the stream for a few moments. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I noticed both stalls were occupied and a few women made their way in and out of them as I continued to stand there, looking in the mirror but not paying attention to my reflection. I grabbed a few paper towels to dry my hands as thoughts of you still wandered through my brain. My mind was still out there with you on that dance floor....

As I crumpled the towels to toss them in the waste bin, the door opened... and you stepped in. Our gazes met through the mirror and I watched your eyes darken as your lips turned up in the slightest of smiles. As the door closed completely, you reached around and locked the bolt. My eyebrows arched in surprise. Could this be real or was this just more of my intoxicated thoughts? I turned around and leaned against the sink as you approached me. You held my stare the entire time. My heart began to race as you reached me and instantly pressed your body against mine. The contact caused the air in my lungs to expel sharply. I noticed you watching me while I was on the dance floor. Did you think watching through the mirror on the other side of the bar would afford you some privacy?

I could feel my face flood red with embarrassment. Your smile widened as you watched me look away from your heated gaze then back again several times. You didn't wait for me to answer the question before saying, Since I didn't get you that drink... Your words trailed off but your eyes clearly told me where you were going. Someone tried to open the bathroom door and knocked as they met the resistance of the lock. So, this was real, I thought to myself. I was being given a chance to devour you.... I quickly reached down to hook my hands at the backs of your thighs and lifted you, turning around to sit you on the edge of the sink. I positioned myself tightly between your legs and snaked my arms around you to draw you against my body. Reaching up, I buried my fingers in your hair and crashed my mouth to yours, heatedly thrusting my tongue into its depths. Passionate, almost desperate sounding moans filled the air, but whose moans were whose wasn't discernable.

Focusing more on your pouty mouth and that delectable lower lip, I suckled on it, biting insistently on the softness before tracing it with my tongue tip and plunging back inside. My hands slipped under your shirt and traveled the length of your back, discovering the curves of the muscle and your smooth skin. I brazenly raked my fingernails from your shoulder blades downward, causing you to groan into my mouth and move even closer to me in response. Burying my fingers in the hair at the nape of your neck, I yanked your head back, eliciting a sharp gasp from you that was music to my ears and shot straight to my core. With your throat now exposed, I swooped down and hungrily attacked the nook with my teeth, revealing just how sensitive the area was for you. Your hands found their way up my shirt to press your own fingernails into my back, prompting me to sink my teeth even deeper as a groan escaped from my throat.

I craved to explore and feast upon every part of you, but realized we weren't being given that luxury as another, more emphatic knock sounded at the door. I found the button of your pants and deftly released the opening. If nothing else, I was going to touch you before our escapade was interrupted. To my sheer delight, you weren't wearing any panties. Slipping my right hand into your jeans, my fingertips found your clit and rubbed directly over the swollen, wet nub a few times. Your body twitched in reaction. I teasingly flicked back and forth, and danced in circles, stroking eagerly... intent on bringing you to a quick but powerful climax. As I continued my attentions, I could feel your body become tense, your gasps were more fervent, your fingers kneaded into my back with urgency. My grazing persisted and you cried out as an orgasm flooded your body. But I wasn't finished. My mouth found yours in a frenzied kiss and I swallowed your subsequent moans as my hand glided down to thrust into you. I reveled in how wet I had made you as your essence covered me. Using the tips of two fingers, I raked over the ridges at the topside of your core.

Your body was still reacting to the orgasm, but you rocked your hips against me, greeting my movements and making each plunge even deeper than the previous. You broke our kiss and buried your face in my neck, your whimpers and frantic breathing echoed off my skin and into my ear. The walls of your pussy tightened as I lunged into you. I increased my speed, pushing so hard that your ass slid back a little on the sink. A few more thrusts was all it took to send you over the edge. You arched back and cried out once more, then buried your face in my neck again and promptly sunk your teeth into my skin. At that, I emitted my own cry of pleasure as a shiver raced through me.

Holding you close as your body quivered and trembled, and your breathing returned to some semblance of normal, the door to the restroom was opened. I glanced into the mirror and noticed the bartender making her way inside. With a smirk on her face, she looked at me and said, All right ladies, the fun is over...

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