Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Two Wifes

Sarah and I had been good friends for several years now. We had shared many ups and downs about out marriage, work, friends and just your everday kind of stuff. I've always thought she was an attractive woman. Dark long hair and green eyes...5'7" and beautiful. She was a knock. Me on the other hand. I guess I was pretty average...5'4"...hazel eyes and dark hair.About 15 lbs or so over weight but nothing bad. She'd often told me that I was attractive but I would blow it off with a laugh or change the subject quickly. Our husbands had gone out of town on a military assignment so I decided to have a gathering for a few friends. It was small, nothing outrageous or wild but nice. After hours of laughter and many bottles of wine my guests started making their exits. Before to long it was just Sarah and I. Making attempts to clean up the mess we both looked at each other and plopped down on the sofa. It was hot and we couldn't be bothered. We sat and talked for a while and rubbed each others feet.

Hey Susan...I forgot to tell you, I really like that skirt you have on...Thanks, I said. I thought I would treat myself to something new. It was a black leather skirt. I'd put on pantyhose but couldn't be bothered to wear panties because it was too hot. Finishing out my outfit was a sheer white blouse and black bra. Sarah had on something amazing as usual. She always dressed to impressed and had the body to die for. I turned on the tv and flipped through channels to see what was on...nothing very exciting...and then there it was...some off the wall channel....2 women in a tight embrace...bare naked...moaning erotically. I could feel the heat rise through my body and quickly switched channels and attempted to talk about something else when Sarah grabbed my hand and turned back to the two women.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like with another woman, Susan?...Sarah asked excitedly. Sure, we were friends but answering that question seemed rather embarrassing. I didn't say anything and she said...come on, we're can tell me. Still I could not answer. My heart was beating out of my chest and my palms became wet. Well, I have....Sarah said....leaning over, whispering into my ear...I've thought about you, Susan. Just then a wave of excitement hit me. The hair on my arm stood to attention...goosebumps now covering my body...the thought of her thinking about me excited me. I turned and looked at have? .....Yes, she smiled devilishy.

Wow...I....I...ummm...I don't know what to say, Sarah. Feeling moisture building deep inside my pussy I knew I wanted her and wanted her badly. Rubbing my sheer covered leg she went on to tell me how often she thought of me...kissing me...carressing me...dreaming of me. I did not dare look at her. My eyes were in a daze...the more she spoke seductively to me and rubbed my inner thigh, the more aroused I became. She leaned over and without hesitation kissed me softly on my lips...God, she was a wonderful kisser. Her tongue danced gracefully in my mouth...this was it....I couldn't take anymore. Giving myself back to her..grabbing her face and bringing it closer to mine..her hands roaming further up my thigh to my already soaked pantyhose. I moaned slighty as she sucked my neck and worked her way down to my breasts. My nipples fully erect, rubbing against my bra...damn...I was feeling good. My body burning with hot passion....feeling her close in now on my wet mound she looked up and me and smiled....You like this I see??..She said to me...Ohhhhhh Yes, Sarah......Don't stop!.

Her hands rubbed over my covered pussy...playing with my clit through my pantyhose...I leaned back and let her have legs spread even further...slowly humping her hand as it rubbed over my pussy.'re a nughty girl Susan, aren't you? You wanna be bad tonight baby? You want Sarah to make you feel good baby? Do you want Sarah to make your pussy hot....make it wet....tell me Baby, tell me what you want. My god..I couldn't take it anymore....with every word I felt the burning inside...the feelings of orgasm building. She pulled my skirt all the way up and sniffed the crotch of my panties....mmmmmmm...she said. Your nectar smells soooooo good. She began tracing my pussy with her nose....stiffing...blowing. I jerked with excitement....Madly fondling my breasts...and moaning in pure delight.

Bringing her hand up she ripped my pantyhose in the crotch and nestled her tongue deep inside. My god...I couldn't take much more. I moved my pussy into her face as she tongue fucked me...and with each lap of her tongue, I humped faster...moving up to my clit, she sucked it...nibbled it....bit god...this was it....I moaned and screamed in pleasure and she got me off. Ohhhhhhhh God............Sarahhhhhhhhhh.....make me cum....I wanna cum in your mouth........ohhhhhgoodddd........bbaaaabbbbyyyyyyyyyyy....yes..........suck my cunt you bitch.....This must have aroused her because as I said this she ramed 4 fingers deep inside my swollen pussy. Between the finger fucking and tongue lapping she talked nasty to naughty slut......your pussy is so hot you nasty bitch.....i;m gonna fuck it until you cant stand it body was in spasms now and the massive orgasm burst from inside of me...I watched as my sweet juices shot out of me into her mouth...licking and fucking me harder and faster....fucking her face. I didn't want to be the only to enjoy this.

I quickly stripped of everything but my heals. She was completely undressed and laying on the floor looking up at me....her legs spread wide..inviting me to dine on her sweet sticky mound. I started up top but she was way too horny to wait for the adventure to her already throbbing pussy. She pushed me between her legs and lifted her legs into the air...She smelled wonderful and tasted even better. I lapped at her pussy wildy as she grabbed my head forcing my entire face inside of her....her body trembled....Ohhhhh naughty bitch...make my cunt cum baby...take my juices in your mouth.....suck me off tongue lapping inside of her widely....on her clit....sucking it hard....harder....her pussy was so face was covered in her juices and the familiar feeling came over me again. I needed to come. As she lay there fucking my face tonuge all over here pussy...I masturbated. My clit was so swollen and pussy dripping.

I knew she was ready. Her hips pumped into my face madly....Ooooooohhhhhhhh goooooodddddddd...I IMMMMMMM...cominnnnnngggggggg.....her body jerked widely....she screamed and spasmed with every stroke of my tongue...after a few minutes she sat up and kissed me....She layed back and told me to do the same. Positioning our legs so that we straddled each other at the pussy....I couldn't believe this was happening...the sensation was pure ecstacy...we began pumping into each others wet pussys...maoning a load....with each pump and thrust the feeling of another orgasm was about to pour out of me.....the sound of our soaking wet pussy made me even more excited....

I grinded into her as hard as I could...leaning over...sticking my finger deep into her asshole...her body wrenched in delight...she did the same to me....Damn, her fingers in my ass felt hot....Ohhhhhhh goooddddddddd...we screamed out load...this was it....our orgasms hit at after another....fucking each other harder with each and every orgasm.....screaming each others name...fingers each others asshole....this went on until the orgasms became so intense that we both passed out. I don't know how long it had been but I woke up and Sarah was over me....smiling looking deep into my eyes...

I've ran the bath for us lover, she said with excitement burning in her eyes once again. I stood up and she led us into the bathroom. I stood there and kissed her...we kissed hard and passionately. I knew what she wanted and she got it. We mad love, we fucked and sucked the day away. We never told our husband about our adventures but to this day we fuck each other until our hearts content.

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