Thursday, January 10, 2008


Emily had just bought the blouse the day before when she had decided to return it today. No way was this blouse going to do anything for her tonight with Robert. She had to look extra special. Tonight may be the night that he popped the question. Emily smiled at the thought, butterflies invading her stomach.She looked to the head of the line of the Return Item Section. The fat woman was still in front arguing with the clerk. One could see the frustration on the clerk’s face. It was going to be a long wait. Emily was sixth in line.

She decided to survey the rest of the store from the line. It was the only thing she could do. She looked towards the racks with the blouses. Maybe, she would see one that she could exchange this one for. Suddenly, she stopped at the brunette who was also looking through the rack. She had no idea why this woman had arrested her attention. Besides she being tall, slender, sexy and gorgeous she could not explain it. The woman was wearing a short red dress which wrapped around her body so sensuously. Her breasts were barely covered as the top buttons were loose. The woman pulled out a blouse and immediately turned toward the full length mirror that was behind her. She simulated what she would look like in the blouse. However, her eyes darted to Emily’s.Emily turned away, not noticing the smile on the woman’s face. Emily was caught and she knew it.

Damn! she whispered. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, coupled by the arousing of her clit…and she knew it had nothing to do with Robert. She slowly turned to the woman, who was still looking at her own blouse. Emily felt a little more comfortable staring. Her eyes surveyed the long slender legs of the woman and did not notice that she was caught yet again. The woman deliberately dropped her blouse and bent over to retrieve, not bending her legs. Her dress rode up her legs but she made no effort to pull it back down. She stood up, allowing the bottom tip of her red panty to remain exposed.Emily swallowed hard and watched around to see who else had caught the action. No one else was paying any attention to them. Suddenly, the woman turned to pick out another blouse from the rack, momentarily allowing Emily to view her panty from the front. She then turned around and slowly moved her finger from her crotch area, to her flat stomach, between her breasts and then into her mouth, slowly pulling the wet, slippery digit and dipping it into her blouse again.

Emily wanted to taste the wet trail that her finger made from her mouth to her breasts. The woman then smiled and walked to the back of the lonely store where she entered a dressing room.Emily’s heart skipped a beat as she saw that the dressing room door remained slightly ajar. She looked to the top of the line. The fat woman was still arguing with the clerk.This was a waste of time, she told herself and casually stepped out of line and waded to the back of the store. She was not sure what she was going to do. Emily was tall, slim and sexy but never considered herself as fit as she should be. She just passed the door and took a quick peek. However, the woman caught her… or was she waiting for her?The woman was clad only in her bra and panty. Emily gaped as the woman performed a sexy, simulated striptease for her, licking her own finger and groping her own breasts. However, Emily could not stand it anymore when the woman inserted her hand into her own panty.

Emily eyed around, saw no one and entered the room. She locked the door. The woman looked surprise at such a drastic move. You should not tease if you do not mean it, Emily said, softly and sweetly.The woman advanced to her and pushed her lightly against the wall and brought her lips as close as possible to Emily’s lips without touching them. Emily could smell the hypnotic perfume from the woman. I always mean it! What’s your name?Emily, she said, nervously.Erotic! I’m Kimberly. You ever fucked a woman before?Yes, she stammered. Years ago in University. You reminded me of her. You are so beautiful.You are too. Then Kimberly kissed her passionately, their tongues wrapping around each other. They were intoxicated with passion as their tongues explored each other. Emily dropped her bag with her blouse and immediately groped into Kimberly’s breasts, tightening the bra.

The insertion of Kimberly’s hand into Emily’s jeans made her moan and Emily quickly unhooked her new playmate’s bra, revealing her pointed, round silky breasts. She dipped her head and savoured the sexiness of those breasts. The nipples pointed at her begging to be sucked. She sucked them, nibbling on them and arousing herself with the soft screams of Kimberly, tearing off her panty.Kimberly loved to play wild. She knelt down and tore off Emily’s jeans as Emily took off her own blouse. Her shaved pussy smelt so great, Kimberly thought. The two women were naked now and Kimberly spread the lips of Emily’s pussy and inserted her tongue. The sudden change melted Emily. She had not felt such erotic force since University. It brought back so many memories. She passed her hands wildly into Kimberly’s hair, moaning a little louder not able to help herself. Kimberly was so intoxicated by her moans and juices that she welcomed the loud moaning. Emily dropped on the floor as Kimberly adjusted herself to keep her mouth on her new lover’s pussy.

Emily gyrated her hips, her eyes going back into her eyes as she knew she was about to explode. Suddenly, her juices squirted unto Kimberly. Kimberly expertly catching all and swallowing. Emily moaned out, not caring who was listening. She wanted more.More!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.Kimberly licked her some more but then climbed unto her and turned for a 69. Emily welcomed it as she sucked on Kimberly’s cunt. The smell of perfume emanated from inside her cunt as she inserted her finger and licked her clit at the same time. It was Kimberly’s turn to scream out as her orgasm came a few minutes after. Emily then joined her partner in screaming as another orgasm reaped its head from the inner regions of the women.

The women suddenly sat up as if reading each other’s minds and hugged, wrapping their legs around each other and jamming their pussies for more rubbing. They kissed hard, not sparing each other. Their breast jammed into each other, knocking hard as they were both hard and erected. They bit each other’s lips and smiled when one would yelp a little louder than usual.Their gyrations started slowly but then picked up pace as they felt their orgasms rushing to the surface. Kimberly was a little more easy to cum. She screamed first prompting Emily to become more turned on and releasing her cum.The wetness of their pussies soaked into each other as they welcomed the soft kissing. Kimberly laid back, her blouses that she had not really intended to buy soaked with juices. They were acting as blankets now. Emily laid on top of Kimberly and kissed her breasts slowly, rising to her neck as her friend just soaked it all in.
Then Kimberly rose and prompted Emily to get on all fours. Though Emily was confused she still obeyed and then almost giggled when she felt Kimberly sucking her asshole. The feeling was strangely erotic and she welcomed it, pushing her orgasm to be released by masturbating herself. Kimberly grabbed on to her ass as she sucked furiously. She then lowered herself to suck on the inner thigh, not interrupting Emily’s own masturbation. Kimberly then felt Emily stick her finger into her ass, prompting her to suck more. The two women were so familiar with anal sex with their male partners that they enjoyed the orgasms induced from the smaller fingers rather than the huge dicks.The two women then kissed lightly, their tongues wrapping around each other.I should get your number? Kimberly whispered.

Here, Emily replied. She pulled out a piece of paper and pen from her handbag. Take my number, email, home address and chat number as well. I’ll fuck you anytime you call, darling.You free tomorrow night?

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