Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tropical Birthday

Tropical Birthday
Finally. Relaxation she thought. She let out a soft sigh as the warm breeze cascaded across the terrace. The events of the past few weeks were slowly easing from her mind. The warm tropical location she chose for her get away helped her relax. As the waiter brought her the second drink, her mind wandered back to her flight…… Leaving reality behind for her week away was difficult. The last thing she wanted was to make small talk with a stranger on the plane. She had spent the extra money to fly first class. She had hoped that also meant peace and quiet on the flight. He arrived late to the plane. At first she thought the seat beside her would be vacant. How nice she thought. Her eyes closed and she seemed to almost be in the tropics, if only in her mind. The stirring in the seat next to her shook her from the daydream. Her thoughts went from peaceful back to reality as she could sense the person in the seat next to her. The sudden sound of the flight attendant over the loud speaker opened her eyes. Hello. The voice next to her brought her attention back to the present. Turning to the seat next to her, she saw him. Their eyes met. Hi she said. I’m sorry if I woke you. No, I was just resting. She said. He was cute. Maybe the flight would be good after all…….

Why was she thinking about him. She was in the place she so longed for. A comfortable lounge chair next to the hotel pool in the tropics. The crash of the waves just down the lush floral path added to the mood. She had a great drink and the sun warmed her. It was so different from what she left behind. It was what she waited for. She could hear his voice as they conversed on the plane……. He was on a business trip he told her. How nice to have business in such exotic places she thought. She drifted back to their conversation. She felt strange making small talk, but she was so intrigued by him. And she could tell he had similar thoughts about her. It was almost difficult to look at each other. It was like their eyes melted together when they did. I’m just getting away for a week. She told him. Business or pleasure? Well, pleasure I guess. She said. I need a few days to myself. She sighed. Everyone needs that once in a while. He assured her……. Now she was there. No more talking about it. The flight was yesterday, this is today she thought. An entire week to herself.

The sun felt warm, the drink was cold, and the setting was just as she wanted. Why was she restless. It was though she couldn’t fully relax. Maybe I just need a day or two to adjust. A little unwinding time maybe….. There he was again. She could see him in her mind. The beat of her heart and the butterflies inside her felt the same as when they talked on the plane. He touched her hand and again her arm during their conversation. She felt as if she was melting under his touch. She so needed that. Maybe that was what was missing. The romance was missing from this lush setting. She would have to make due. Everything else was nice. Nothing is perfect. She would make the best of it she tried to convince herself……. Where will you be staying? he asked her. She drifted back to the flight. At the Breakers. She told him. That’s a very nice hotel. I know it well. Excuse me miss. Miss. Startled, she opened her eyes. It was the waiter. I have something for you. He said. Adjusting her eyes to the sunlight, she could see the waiter holding something. As the brightness faded, she could see the enormous floral arrangement the waiter placed on the table beside her. She tried to ask him where they came from, but he was already too far away. The flowers were beautiful.

A tropical blend of beautiful flowers and greenery. Where did they come from she thought. She looked around the pool and bar area. There were many people milling about. Looking back at the flowers, she noticed a card. Reaching in, she retrieved the envelope from inside the arraignment. Opening the envelope, she pulled the card from it’s pink surroundings. The front of the card was covered with beautiful embossed flowers, and a gold script that read For Someone Very Special. Opening the card, she began to read: Your golden hair is more lovely than the day’s golden warm sunshine. Your eyes are more spectacular than iridescent pools of the tropical blue ocean. And a woman with such a warming beautiful smile deserves to be surrounded by beautiful flowers on this day. Her Birthday. Happy Birthday to a wonderful Sweetheart of a woman! She was floored. How did he know. What did she say to him on the plane. It was coming back to her. One too many drinks. She told him that Saturday was her Birthday. March 14th. She totally forgot. He remembered. She could not believe it. Glancing back at the card, she saw the small writing at the bottom of the card. It said Please read the reverse Turning the card over, she saw more writing: Look at the bar area near the fountain. Looking up, she scanned the bar area until she saw the fountain. Looking to the right, she saw him. He was sitting at the bar looking at her. Their eyes met.

He waved to her and smiled. She watched him get up from the bar and start to walk toward her. Her butterflies started to return as he made his way closer. As he reached her lounge chair, he said nothing. He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before he spoke. One more thing a beautiful woman needs on her Birthday. A Birthday kiss. Leaning in, he embraced her as their lips met. He kissed her deeply as he held her tight. She felt herself melt in his arms. This is what she needed. And an even better Birthday present than she could hope for. This was the start of a magical trip. She could feel it. Her head was swimming. What was happening. The flowers, the kiss. It was all so much. All she knew was that she liked it. She really liked it. His strong arms pulled her in very close as they kissed. She could feel his manhood pressing against her. The butterflies gave way to that familiar tingle between her legs. This was truly paradise. There now.

That was more of a proper Happy Birthday. He said as he looked in her eyes. She could not speak. Only a smile escaped her wet lips. Let’s take a walk on the beach. He told her. She could only nod in approval as she watched him summon the waiter to take care of the flowers. Taking her by the hand, they walked down the terrace away from the pool and onto the lush pathway that lead toward the beach. The roar of the surf sounded so rough yet so calming as they followed the winding path through the palm trees and thick green jungle plants. The slowly setting sun cast dancing shadows on the breeze blown tropical leaves as they walked. They exited the pathway onto the rich pink sand at their feet. There were very few people on the beach as they walked hand in hand. Soon it became apparent to her that this was a clothing optional beach. People walked by wearing very little or nothing at all. She had never been on a nude beach before. It felt funny, but sexy at the same time.

As they passed a small secluded area, she noticed a man and a woman laying on a blanket together. They were naked, kissing and fondling each other as if no one else was around. Apparently this was a very easy going beach. A little further ahead, they stopped at a small secluded area. It was a beautiful sandy area with a semicircle of tropical plants bordering it. He spread out a large blanket and sat down. He patted the blanket next to him in a gesture for her to join him on the blanket. She sat down and looked out of the small opening through the leaves. The ocean waves crashed and rolled on the beach in a hypnotic rhythm. She could not believe she was here. She began to daydream about their kiss on the terrace only a short while ago. She could feel that same tingle between her legs. Here you go. His voice broke her tranquil stare. She turned toward him. He was holding a glass of champagne for her. She paused for a moment before taking the glass from him. She did not see him take the bottle or the glasses out of the bag he was carrying. She also did not notice that he had removed his bathing suite. She was unsure where to look. She could not really see everything due to the way he was sitting, but she clearly could see he was naked. You are blushing. He said. I just thought when in Rome, do as the Romans do, so to speak. Oh it’s okay, she said. I’ve just never been to a beach like this before. I guess I am a little embarrassed. It takes a little while to get used to it, but then it feels very natural. He said. She drank down her champagne, and held up her glass for him to see. He poured her some more, and again she gulped it down.

I think you better take it a little slower, He told her. I’ll have to carry you back! She giggled, and promised to sip the next glass. After handing her the third glass, he looked into her eyes. The reflecting sun made her beautiful eyes sparkle. He leaned in and started to kiss her. His hand held the side of her face and caressed her cheek as they passionately kissed. His hand roamed around her soft skin and to her shoulder before returning to her cheek. Sliding from her lips, he kissed his way to the soft warmth of her face. Trailing his lips all over her, a soft moan escaped her lips. She caressed his shoulder and back. Feeling bolder, her hand slid down to his bare outer thigh. Back and forth she went from very close to his naked cheek to his thigh. She could feel the combination of the champagne and the heat of her desire driving her actions. “I want to be naked” she whispered in her ear as he continued kissing her cheek.

He paused for a moment and looked into her eyes. “I want to be naked like you.” She said again. Very slowly she reached behind to the back of her neck. Tugging at the string to her bikini top until the knot gave way. Reaching behind her back she untied the remaining knot. She gathered up the material of her top and pulled it away from her body. Her large breasts were free and out in the sunshine. Looking at him very seductively, she raised up on her knees. Reaching first to one side and then the other, she unhooked each side of her tiny bikini bottom. Pulling the small material away, he could see her for the first time. Her pussy was smooth except for a small blonde wisp of hair that glistened in the sunshine. She was so beautiful. She sat back down next to him. Now, where were we. She said before leaning in as they started to kiss.

She could feel herself getting creamy as their bare shoulders touched. He trailed kissed down her neck and to her shoulder. His hand slid from her arm to her shoulder to the gentle curves of her waist. He could feel her breast touch the side of his hand. He lightly stroked it with the back of his fingers as he continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. Her hands had explored his body as well. She rubbed and caressed him coming ever so close to touching him in the place she longed to touch. They kissed and caressed as the warmth of the sun added to their own passionate heat. Their naked bodies seductively touched as they continued to kiss. His hand traced gentle motions on her warm skin as it slid down her side. She trembled as his fingers brushed her bare behind. He lightly squeezed her cheek before sliding his hand around her smooth hip to her thigh. Almost instinctively her legs parted and opened wider the closer he came to her pussy. Her legs were wide apart by the time he reached her inner thigh. She could sense that his hand was very close. She could also tell that she was very wet.

The second his fingers lightly touched her soft lips she gasped. His kisses on her neck combined with the soft touch of his fingers on her pussy were giving her chills. She could feel the goose bumps on her body. Her nipples were rock hard as well. He kissed his way down her neck and to her shoulder. He gently laid her back on the blanket from her reclining position. She was now laying back with her legs wide apart. She was giving herself completely to him. She felt the warm sun cover her open legs and pussy. His fingers now stroked her inner thigh as they made their way once again toward her wetness. His kisses trailed from her shoulders down her chest as he came ever closer to her hard nipple. She could feel both sensations at the same time; his lips nearing her nipple and his fingers coming ever so close to her pussy. She shuddered as she felt his lips cover her nipple exactly at the same time his fingers touched her pussy. She wanted his fingers so bad. He cupped her pussy in his hand as if to warm her soft skin. His fingers paused for a second before he began to slowly move his hand up and down her wet slit. She could feel her cream cover his hand as he slowly and gently stroked her. She could not believe how wet she was. His hand slid all around her pussy. She twitched at the frequent contact his fingers made with her clit. He sucked her nipple into his mouth as she felt his finger slide inside her. She gasped and let out a soft moan as he slid deep inside her.

Her pussy was dripping as a second finger slid inside her. His entire hand was soaked as he slid in and out of her. Her breathing became deep as he continued fucking her with his hand. Sliding back up to her neck and then to her beautiful lips, he kissed her passionately. At once he slid his fingers very deep as his thumb landed on her wet clit. She gasped as she felt her explosion suddenly build. His fingers worked her deep as his thumb quickly rubbed her clit. Oh God, she cried out. He could feel her pussy clamp onto his fingers as her orgasm started. Ohhhh Ahhh Oh God yes! They passionately kissed as she climaxed on his hand. He could feel her pulse and contract over and over on his fingers. Raising back up from his leaning position to his knees, he continued to slowly rub her wet pussy as she recovered from her climax.

Slowly opening her eyes, she finally saw him. There it was. Right in front of her. He was partially erect as he admired her beautiful body and continued his caresses to her pussy. She wanted him in her mouth. It was right in front of her. Should she do it right here! On the beach? She was never so turned on in her life. Leaning slightly forward, she opened her mouth and slowly took his cock in her mouth. Ohhh he moaned at the sudden feeling of her warm mouth. He switched his gaze to watch her. She looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes. She seductively looked at him as his now hard cock disappeared inside her mouth. She played with it using her tongue before sliding it back in again. Her beauty, the sun, the surf , everything was overwhelming to him. She looked so sexy as she sucked his cock in and out of her mouth. He put his right hand on her cheek as he continued to rub her wet pussy with his left. He loved holding her face in his hand. She was so beautiful. The sensation of her warm pussy on his fingers was making him even harder. He needed to taste her. He wanted so badly to kiss and lick her wet pussy. He removed his fingers from her and brought them to his mouth and tasted them. Mmm he closed his eyes as he savored the taste of her sweetness.

He could not wait any longer. He cupped her face in his hands and slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth. He leaned down and gave her a kiss before he shifted his position. Leaning down, he kissed and licked her nipples before kissing his way down her body. He stopped right above her little wisp of blonde hair at the top of her pussy. He licked all around until he slid lower toward her swollen smooth lips. She arched her back in anticipation of his touch. He kissed all around her thighs before his lips landed on her smooth wet pussy. She gasped at his first touch. He licked all around her lips before plunging his tongue deep in her wetness. She gasped again at the feeling of being fucked with his tongue. Sliding out he licked all around her clit, but did not touch it. This made her squirm with his tease. As he continued to tease her with his tongue, he very slowly slid two fingers inside her. Oh God she moaned at the sensation. Back and forth his fingers slid as he continued to lick all around her clit with his tongue.

Her juices ran from her pussy covering his hand. Slowly sliding back with his fingers, his ring finger lightly touched the tight pink opening of her behind. He felt her shudder at the sensation of his touch. Slowly he slid his hand forward as his fingers slid inside her. Two fingers in her pussy, and the one in her tight ass. She let out a gasp as she felt all of his fingers slide in. She had never felt such an incredible sensation. Slowly he slid inside her. Little by little until his fingers were all the way inside. Her cream covered his fingers as he slowly began to fuck her in both places with his hand. Her breathing shortened as she rhythmically moved and fucked his fingers right back. His tongue still teasing around her clit was preparing for it’s target. As he slid his fingers almost all the way out, he touched her clit with his tongue, then sucked it into his mouth as he slid his fingers all the way inside her. She arched her back and started her climax at the overwhelming sensation. Oggghhhhh Ohhhh God, don’t stop she cried as bucked wildly against his mouth and fingers. He could feel her squeeze his fingers as he fucked her in and out while continuing to suck on her clit. Yesssssss, Oahhhh, she came over and over as he felt her juices squirt and run from her pussy. Removing his mouth from her clit, he continued to slowly slide in and out of her with all his fingers. Sliding up next to her, he kissed her passionately as her orgasm subsided. He loved pleasing her. He loved watching and listening to her pleasure. She was such a beautiful sexy woman. Her breathing slowly returned to a normal level. She savored the sweet taste of her pussy on his lips as they kissed. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her thigh. Her pussy pulsed with mini orgasm after shocks.

Their kissing and his fingers on her wet pussy were stirring their mutual passion once again. He pressed his hard cock into her leg as they continued their deep kiss. She wanted him and he wanted her. He slowly slid one leg at a time over her thigh until he was laying between her legs. She could feel his rock hard cock against her inner thigh next to her pussy. She squirmed as if to try and move him over a little. She wanted him inside her. Raising up a little, he slid over until his cock was just lightly touching her pussy. He lowered himself slightly until his hardness pressed up against her wet smooth lips. He slowly moved up and down as the shaft slid between her lips. The head of his cock rubbed up against her clit as he moved back and forth. Her body twitched each time his cock touched her clit. Her very wet pussy covered his shaft with her cream as he rubbed and teased her.

Their hips moved in rhythm together as their passion increased. Slowly he began to slide lower with each slow stroke of his cock until she could feel him at her opening before he slid back up to her clit. Back and forth he teased her hard clit and then her wet opening. His cock was soaked with her cream as he very gently placed the head at her open lips. Very lightly he started to slide the head of his cock inside her. The sensation was incredible for both of them. She slowly pushed upward as if to draw him in, and he slid a little deeper inside her. The heat from her pussy drove him wild. Slowly he withdrew until the head was once again just touching her opening. Sliding back just inside, he paused before sliding all the way inside her in one long deep stroke. She gasped as she felt him fill her completely. He could feel her pussy squeeze and pulse on his cock as her mini orgasms welcomed him inside. They laid still without any movement. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as they savored the feeling. He very slowly started to slide out and then back inside her as they continued their mutual gaze. It’s as if he could see himself swimming inside the bright blue pools of her eyes. He leaned closer and started to kiss her tender lips as he slid in and out of her. Their tongues danced together as they passionately kissed. Her warm cream felt fantastic as it coated their union together. A soft moan escaped her lips as he kissed his way to her cheek and next to her ear. She could hear and feel his warm breath in her ear as he slid in and out of her. You are so beautiful. He whispered in her ear as he continued his motion. She held on to him tightly with both her arms and legs as he continued his rhythm. She could feel her climax building once again. She squeezed his cock as if to let him know she was close. The feeling of her hot creamy pussy was almost too much for him as well. He could feel himself getting close. Ohhhhh Mmmm.

They both moaned as he fucked her with his hard cock. Long deep strokes now filled her pussy. Oh baby, you are so sexy. He whispered in her ear between deep shallow breaths. He wanted to cum with her, but he wanted to giver her something special for their mutual climax. Slowing his strokes, he slid in and out of her pussy. He kissed his way from her neck to her lips and then drew back to look in her eyes. I have something more for you sweetie. He whispered. Her dream like eyes looked into his. Sliding very slowly out of her pussy, he slightly lowered himself. The very tip of his wet cock touched her behind. Very slowly he pushed forward. Her eyes opened a little wider as she felt his hard wet cock slide inside her rear. She gasped at the feeling. Little by little he slid inside her until he was all the way inside. She shuddered with the sensation. Gently he began to slide in and out of her. Her hot wet cream ran from her pussy and onto his hard cock as it slid inside her ass. Oh my God. Yes. She moaned. Fuck me. Fuck me in the ass. She whispered between shallow breaths. Oh God. Don’t stop.

I’m going to cum she cried. He could feel her pulsing all around his cock. Her pussy and her rear squeezed and throbbed on his hardness. He slid in and out of her as she rocked to the rhythm of his strokes. Ohhhhh Yesssss. Fuck me she moaned. Oh Feel me baby. Feel me cum.” He yelled. He groaned with each spasm of his cock; shooting load after load deep inside her. Ohhh yes. They gasped as they shared their climax together. Oh baby, that was great. He told her. They kissed each other deeply as they slowly slid together. They wanted to savor the feeling. It was the best they ever had. They quietly kissed for a while they laid together. Stopping to give her one short kiss, he looked into her eyes and paused. Happy Birthday And then he kissed her again. They continued to lay on their blanket as the setting sun cast the days last shadows on their warm and satisfied bodies

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